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  1. CHEERS GUYS!! I too previously have had Alpinestars,they are a great boot but do wear very quickly. Fancied a change hence the Gaerne's,just hope they are as comfy as the Alpines!! Benz.
  2. Hi, Just bought a new pair of Gaerne Balance boots in white from a shop in Stroud and got them to send them me by post. My question is,do these boots stretch or loosen as they bed in???? They are a little on the tight side,but i once made the mistake of buying a pair of Hebo's a while back that were a nice fit new,but once i had worn them a couple of times they were like a sloppy slipper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your experiences would be great........thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Any one tried on a EVO 250 4t?? Be interested to know peoples thoughs?? Cheers Benz
  5. Thanks guys. Ben,im keeping the Gasgas as its doing me proud at the moment!! Just fancy a change and really enjoyed riding the 2010 250 i tried on sunday. Benz
  6. Hi, Im looking at getting a Evo 4t,I know of a very good 09 250 model,or there are some 10 models coming up now but none that i know the history of. My question is is there a
  7. 200 uses a 125 crank which is different to 250,280 and 300. you would need ,crank,ignition,head barrel piston ect ect ect. = EXPENSIVE!!! Benz
  8. benz19


    Hhhhhmmmm,take a look??????? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2007-GAS-GAS-125-EXC...s#ht_500wt_1154
  9. benz19

    Noisy 280 Pro

    nothing wrong,its normal,gasgas have a diaphram clutch set up not a conventional type,the fingers rattle when they are not under load,hence why the noise goes when you pull clutch in. Benz
  10. benz19

    2011 Gas Gas Photos

    In the diffence of Gasgas and other importers........................... I believe importers strike a deal with the finance companies they use to help them buy all these bikes in advance for a certain set period of time,so,if they set and exchange rate in say january of this year,they may be held to that rate for a set period of time,say 6,9 or 12 months,so just because the exchange rate may be stronger now,it would make no difference to the buying power of the importer. Im not saying this is gospal,but i do know this happens! Benz
  11. Ron and Leon Haslam were there.
  12. To my knowledge and experience,SUPER unleaded or higher octaine fuel,will make the bike crisper and run slightly smoother,no more power,just cleaner burning! Its worth buying a tank full and trying it! Benz
  13. I have an 09 Birkett 250 and this has reed stops on it,as to how it improves things,im afraid i cant comment as this is the first SY ive had! Benz
  14. benz19

    S3 Front Pipe?

    Just curious to know if anyone has tried an S3 front pipe on a SY250R 2T? If so any feedback?? Benz
  15. benz19

    Scorpa Gearbox Oil

    What colour was the oil you drained,did it have a red tint to it??
  16. Sounds like you have an air leak? Air is being sucked into the engine in front of the carb making engine lean,hence the reving up likes its running out of fuel. Possible causes are reed block,generator side crank seal as mentioned is post above,if it was sucking in gear box oil i think it would go rich and not rev out plus you may get excess smoke from exhaust?? Hope this helps? Benz
  17. benz19

    Sidestand Spring !

    How about BIRKETTS,the Scorpa importer?
  18. I hope he isnt the development rider
  19. Hi,hope you enjoy your Scorpa!! answers to questions, 1) 10/38 is standard gearing 2) measure how much oil comes out,should be around 600cc,there is a level plug,8mm bolt on the clutch cover. 3) 2.5 4 psi depending on conditions,wet and muddy or dry and rocky. also do not over oil the air filter or they run poorly!! Benz
  20. THIS IS INCORRECT!!! On the forks pictured you CAN adjust the preload,just wind in the 22mm nut in the picture inside the red ring,it allows about an extra 5mm of preload. Benz
  21. benz19

    Elf Htx

    Elf is possibly the best gear box oil you can use,Honda recommend it,what more can be said!! YES it is more money,but then you will not need to change oil as often,so it balances out. I have used it in a 4rt,as recommended by Honda,and also in a 09 Gasgas 250 with no ill affects at all,lovely light smooth clutch,and the oil will stand a hell of a hammering!!! Benz.
  22. Im in south midlands,Redditch area,where are you?? Cheers for the offer!! Benz
  23. Good cause,good guys,GOOD LUCK!!!
  24. There is plenty of forward and backward flex at the ankle with the Alpines,i was referring to the side flex to help prevent rolling of the ankle joint. Benz
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