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  1. Steve Goode may have what you need, worth giving him a call. http://www.stevegoodemotorcycles.co.uk/twshspares.html
  2. Stock length is about 53mm centre to centre.
  3. Parkstone Martin? Mansfield rd maybe? Looks like a few of the roads leading up to Ashley rd.
  4. Cheapest way into trials is certainly not any classic class like twinshocks or pre65. It used to be, but like many things these bikes are becoming fairly expensive as you have found. In my opinion the cheapest way into trials is a more modern bike, mid to late 90's and beyond can be bought really cheaply. Spares availability and cost will vary of course.
  5. wayne_weedon

    Engin Size

    Also 238cc for the later ones.
  6. There are plenty of 1/2" drive 36AF sockets available. Try ebay, I would use an impact type with a full hex.
  7. The problem is, mainly of these bikes have had neglected maintainance in this area for decades and these parts can become "as one" The Inner bushes were not plated from new, nor was the engine mount. Add to that the plating on OEM spindles was dire and you have a recipe for the parts to literally fuse together over the decades. It's so much less painful to just cut the thing out and change the spindle. This problem is not restricted to Bultaco's either. Yamahas are prone to it too.
  8. Yes there is. By scrapping the spindle. They can corrode so badly to either the rear engine mount or one or both bearing sleeves that it's virtually impossible to salvage the spindle. I have only come accross one single bike where the spindle came out whole. There are numerous methods to removing the swinging arm in this case. I prefer to drill both ends of the spindle to 1/2" diameter dead central so that the spindle ends can collapse and release the arm. It's then easier to work with just the swinging arm in a vice. Others saw through the spindle, but whatever you do try not to cause any damage to the rear engine mount as it's width is crucial to the tolerancing of the complete system. Wayne...
  9. It's actually a self contained air spring which is used with a shorter compression spring.
  10. You got a nice little TIG there Jon! Sure you can knock up a nice airbox from some old landy panels See you sunday with any luck!
  11. Its there OTF. It's the same bike I posted about maybe a year ago? Certainly goes well.
  12. I have a local copy of it if you are really pushed. I'm assuming it's the white one.
  13. Lookup fastener suppliers in the yellow pages. Go pay them a visit and specifically ask for High Tensile Socket cap screws in the correct length. If you are going to ride the bike it's the best option in my opinion. The originals were phosphated (black) if I recally correctly but bright zinc plate looks better. Another way is search on the net for a good brand like "unbrako"
  14. Just dont ever use Anodised Alloy bolts in this application, I wouldnt even recommend normal stainless steel bolts. Go for a high tensile Socket cap in bright zinc plate.
  15. Tis interesting! Out of interest what year approximately did the clamp on talon disc brake conversions appear? Mid 80's??
  16. Jim, Grounding the LT side of the coil should do it. The same wire that goes to your points. Wayne...
  17. I'll be there next year in a different mode I think the road was clear by about the time we got close to Gloucester. Fairly fast run down to Somerset from there then I had to make my way alone to Dorset. There was a convoy of Coaches determined to make life hell for car drivers. Forget the name on them but they were driven by inconsiderate morons.
  18. I bought a coffee! Went more to just look around and meet a few people. Had a good chat with Vesty, Snr Greeves and a few other Spanish friends as well as a brief chat with Big John. The drive home was a bit hellish! Left at 5pm ish, got back to Dorset 10 past Midnight!
  19. Nice period photo. I wish I could remember names from that time but I dont. I lived in Yate for quite a while although I was from Iron Acton originally. There was a family running a couple cotas who lived the end of Stanshawes drive in Yate. The lady there was my postlady I think! Your video's reminded me of that.
  20. Been a long time (nearly 30 years!) since I rode out that way, isn't that nr Yate Rocks?
  21. Found this on Youtube..
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