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  1. A Greeves frame could be a good choice for your Villiers engine.
  2. Thanks Woody, have you tried both OKO and Mikuni to get a comparison. I have had a look on the website you suggested is OKO K101 26mm the correct type?
  3. Thanks Woody do they come jetted and set to suit the Bultaco
  4. Where do you buy the OKO carbs from. I understand there are both genuine and copy ones out there, how do you know if you are getting the real thing?
  5. The gearing on my 199a is the same as Woody is using, I also find the 11/39 too high for the events I ride in.
  6. Interestingly the Puma and Vasquez built bikes I have seen are usually fitted with the fork type and sometimes a strip from the head to the frame down tube, anyone know why this is. Surely the triangular three point fix one would be better.
  7. Large rockery!
  8. My OSSA TR77 Verde
  9. My 199a has the fork type head steady fitted, if I replace this with a triangular 199b type steady would this fit the rear bracket the same as now with only a front tab needed as on Bondy's bike which is pictured above.
  10. Great looking 199b you have there.
  11. If you are going to the Telford or Stafford classic show ask on the Owd Codgers stand, someone there has them made as well as the triangular head steady.
  12. The clutch info you require has been posted on another OSSA thread recently have a look, pleased you have it running.
  13. Have fitted a D34 needle as suggested above, initial results are encouraging certainly seems smoother running, needs choke on for longer until engine warms up will be much wiser after the next trial. Thank you all for your helpful suggestions.
  14. Make sure it starts easily and runs properly then offer all the advice and encouragement you can but keep things simple and easy, worked for us good luck have a great time together they grow up quickly.
  15. Good original looking Bultaco. Many in the UK fit a Mikuni VM26 in place of the Bing, they work very well giving a smooth pick up but you will also need a different manifold connector tube. My bike has a VM26 fitted with the following settings, 27.5 pilot some fit 30 125 main or 130 needle jet 182 - 08 jet needle 5DP7 slide 2.0 main air jet 1.6 or 1.75 mine has a 1.6 though a friend runs with the 1.75