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  1. Smoking Cub help

    LF Harris purchased the right to manufacture the Triumph twins.
  2. Smoking Cub help

    Any reciprocating pump must surely be fitted with one way flow control valves otherwise the only pumping will be 'to me to you'
  3. Smoking Cub help

    Brucey why not speak to Morgo http://www.morgo.co.uk for information about the Cub oil pumps, they make them so should be able to help. I tend to think all piston pumps would need one way shut off valves whereas a gear pump would not as the flow would be continual rather than intermittent as on a piston type.
  4. Tiger Cub Oil Return Mod

    Would be very interested to learn of your findings Brucey.
  5. Cub valve springs

    Does the Triumph Tiger Cub have different valve springs for the standard cam and R cam, if so how do you identify which springs are for which cam. Same for the cam followers or are they the same for both types.
  6. Tiger Cub Oil Return Mod

    Brucey my Cub also has the engine oil in frame which means the oil return pipe exits near the top yoke, therefore higher than the rocker feed. Might this cause the oil especially when hot and thinner to take the path of least resistance via the smaller diameter pipe to the rocker boxes. I do not know if this is the case but if a side oil tank were used is the return then at a similar height to the top of the engine causing less pressure to be needed to pump back?
  7. TY Fork Stanchions

    Bring the lot to http://www.dynasurf.co.uk at Sandbach Cheshire, with the weak £ and strong Aus $ plus probably no vat @ 20% as you are not in the eu why not get them refinished properly.
  8. Foam air filter spray?

    Thanks all for your suggestions and info.
  9. Foam air filter spray?

    Have recently replaced the Amal pancake air filter on my Cub with a new foam cylindrical type which I sprayed with Castrol filter spray. Now having ridden the bike I think it is running rich and very badly at lower rpm. I removed the filter which seemed to improve things but need more riding time before I will know properly. Do all foam filters need spraying or have I made a problem by doing so, anyone else had running issues after spraying a foam filter?
  10. Argie bargey by Marquez

  11. BSA Conical hub shoes.

    Give these people a try Jon http://www.cgchell.co.uk/
  12. Bultaco Aftermarket Triple Clamps.

    Gerry makes a very nice Bultaco top yoke which places the bars over the steerer stem. I am quite tall and have one fitted to my bike, for me it greatly improves both riding position and handling of the bike.
  13. Help needed building three Greeves Trials Bikes

    It would be helpful if you can post photos of the bikes/parts to see what is there. If you message me the frame numbers I should be able to find the model and year of each one.
  14. MAJESTY questions

    http://www.yamahaty.com/english/tyusineen/majestyen.html Lots of Yamaha TY stuff on the above site.
  15. Help needed building three Greeves Trials Bikes

    Think carefully before you agree to anything, what are your expectations of the finished bikes, do you want them to original spec or something to ride, are the parts you have correct for each model? Beware of someone throwing together the pieces you have just to get one to sell at an autojumble. The thing is no matter how many parts you have even if those parts are in good condition to get each bike built to a good standard you will have to buy certain things as the build progresses. Hopefully you will ride when they are finished so why not build one bike to start with, decide which model group all the bits to that bike then take the engine to Villiers Services to be assembled, Paul Jackson on York's Classic website for wheels if the rims need attention then seek help locally as well as here on TC to help you get it running. Forget pristine go for a reliable build then with the experience restore a second. Greeves bikes are well worth restoring but it would still be possible to spend their value on restoration.