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  1. Of course there will be NO damage to the ecology or environment by building HS2.
  2. You need to go through the model list above they are all shown.
  3. Use the AJS wheels with their brake plates and alloy rims.
  4. The brake plate goes with the hub, what do you mean?
  5. Bisby in real life George Formby was a motorcycle enthusiast and I believe rode Norton, in the film he called himself George Shuttleworth which is why the bike he supposedly built was called the Shuttleworth Snap, I think it was built around a Triumph Model P. The race bikes doing the most winning around that time were the Marston Sunbeam so Sunbeam became Rainbow in the movie. Charlie on second look the forks are Triumph like so a pre-unit twin from Triumph it could well be?
  6. It possibly depends on which club you will ride with but why not it is a genuine British made hub.
  7. Is that an attached sidecar under the sheet if so it must have been at least 350cc but likely bigger, appears to have a single down tube frame but not much else to go on. It should be you telling us what it was surely?
  8. Which brake lining material did you get from VS for your Bultaco hubs, I am about to send some shoes to them.
  9. Most British and Spanish bikes use 3/8" / 10mm diameter cable nipples while Japanese bikes have 5/16" or 8mm barrel nipples.
  10. Worth remembering though a bike that looks right does not always run right, rebuilding a trials bike is more than a shiny finish if you decide to ride you need one that works properly.
  11. My advise is to keep the parts to each bike completely separate to the other then build one using its own pieces borrowing nothing from the other bike. The knowledge gained from the first can then best be used on bike number two. Are you building them to ride when finished?
  12. Quite agree but buy a good grease gun, these are excellent...
  13. I think the piece you are interested in is here,
  14. What is the belt life on the clutch conversion, is a tensioner required also what would be the equivalant sprocket sizes compared to chain drive.
  15. John never found it a handful.