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  1. Good to see an original spec Greeves Scottish in trials use, it even has the toolbox fitted. Is the Greeves Moorland blue paint the original finish, I also see what could be TES forks fitted, what changes if any have been made to the bike I notice it has the Villiers carb also the plug lead comes from the mag case so presumably the Villiers ignition system as well?
  2. Horses for courses is an old saying that probably sums up your question, make sections for the bike then you can enjoy riding it. Then it makes the build very worthwhile.
  3. I presume Steve Sell is the person you refer to also the best to contact for all things OSSA.
  4. I would be interested in the changes made to the top yoke to relocate the bars, a great improvement over the tiller steering especially for a taller rider.
  5. Terry Weedy Avery Products
  6. Interesting that the steering head bearings never changed throughout the time the bikes were produced.
  7. Thank you everyone for all of your helpful information.
  8. Do the Inmotion ones fit correctly, better to stay with the original loose ball bearing type otherwise.
  9. Good luck with your new club and first trial Jon. Website worked ok.
  10. It is a nicely built one off from a 198a in need of renovation.
  11. When looking through posts here in the Bultaco section for information on availability of a bearing kit to fit taper roller head bearings to the Bultaco Sherpa 199a I saw Pyramid parts mentioned as a supplier but when I contacted Pyramid they had no knowledge of the correct bearings or the part number. Presumably the taper roller conversion is a satisfactory improvement. Does anyone have any info on the bearings or a part number for Pyramid please?
  12. I think the swing arm is from a 199b model Bultaco not modified in any way.
  13. To the best of my knowledge all the Beta Rev 200 models were based on the Rev 3 250 engine fitted with a 125 con rod and sleeved down cylinder, the Evo may have been different though.
  14. A friend has fitted the Arrow one to his bike it fitted very well, gives a slightly different I think better sound and definitely increased performance.
  15. Deryk you have misunderstood my post, I was not referring to the Sammy Miller series but rather the way that Pre 65 trials was when the early events were organised.