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  1. Which models of Bultaco Sherpa were fitted with a longer front pipe ?
  2. Try Steve Goode for the bits you need.....
  3. I would still politely point out the above to the agent who may not know what a trial is. Also worth explaining that no one involved makes a profit from such an event..
  4. Mod land is owned by the taxpayer why not remind them that trials riders are responsible taxpayers as well. With regard to the birds nesting a trial will do far less harm than shells, tanks and the like ripping through everything.
  5. I think ND means the triangular type fitted to some of the 340's, this attaches to the existing head steady bracket but requires a second to be added. Does anyone have pictures of the second bracket which needs to be made and secured to the frame please ?
  6. Are the frame weakspots just around the steering head or other places as well ?
  7. I think it unrealistic to expect to ride straight up to then into a section without some delay, it does give time to chat to other competitors also oportunity to see which line other riders are taking through that section or if the section has changed appreciably. Some observers are much quicker recording scores than others, a longer section takes a greater time to ride through especially if it is one of the more demanding on the day.
  8. Yes quite agree but more sections = more observers and in my experience when organising trials they are a scarce commodity.
  9. Lots to see you will not be dissapointed.
  10. I have used this firm who are based at Sandbach Cheshire they have done a great job on forks.
  11. I have to agree with you Spen, I have a 1961 Greeves Scottish 24 TDS this is the bike that got me into riding classic trials and is very much a favourite of mine although currently after a lot of use it awaits a tidy up. I know it's full history it was sold new by Dave Bickers when he had a motorcycle shop, I first saw the bike when in my teens, at that time it was owned and ridden by a well known MXer who frequently raced in europe the next owner but one was me.
  12. Yes simplified instruction at last!...
  13. Judging by the number of comments on these pages many do not find posting photos on tc an easy task.
  14. I am familiar with both Bultaco and OSSA trials bikes but have never owned a Montesa they were the ones that got away,. The 348 has a certain appeal to me so thanks for all of your replies please keep them coming.