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  1. OSSA TR77 Verde Carburettor

    I fitted a Mikuni 26mm purchased from Motocarb to my TR77, tho other option might be a 26mm OKO but buy genuine from scooter assasins or mid atlantic trials then follow their set up guide.
  2. TY 250 forks

    Is that 25mm into the top tube but maintaining the same position where the down tubes meet the headstock. There is a lot of metal around that part of the frame in the toolbox area especially, where do you make the cuts? Thank you for your really helpful advice.
  3. TY 250 forks

    Thanks for the feedback feetupfun, the TY 250 forks are for the TY 175 project that I am helping a friend build. When you say a lengthened TY 175 I take it you mean extended swing arm, we are thinking of geetting the shedworks fork ends to do this mod. As yet we are undecided what to do with the steering head angle is it better to leave alone or steepen what are your thoughts please.
  4. TY 250 forks

    Has anyone tried Magical fork springs in their TY 250 34mm straight leg forks, same for the alloy damper kit which looks interesting but is rather pricey. Would like to know what difference these parts might bring.
  5. Front brake pulsates

    Can only be buckled disc, sticking pads or caliper.
  6. TY 175 rebuild

    It is staying a 175, the other questions I will let him come here on tc and give that info himself, should he not then maybe we will make something up eh!!!
  7. TY 175 rebuild

    I fitted a 26mm OKO carb to my 250 Bultaco Sherpa model 124 to replace the oiginal 27mm Spanish made Amal concentric which was totally worn out. I carefully followed this tuning guide http://www.mid-atlantictrials.com/Instal.html and the bike now runs very smothly and cleanly all through the rev range, unsure if there is any more bottom end but it runs nicely which makes it easier to ride. As I understand it getting an OKO with the right choke diameter is critical then playing about to find the best pilot jet. There is a lot of OKO info on the weblink above and buy genuine not a copy from an auction site.
  8. Cota 247

    I am fairly sure that the clutch arm on a Mk4b was underneath the clutch case and both side csses were more rounded than those on the engine you have. Rest of the bike could be a 4b but the forks appear to be from the earlier model which had the big wheel hubs. If it runs and rides ok though you have a bike to trial and enjoy.
  9. TY 175 rebuild

    Am assisting with the rebuild of a TY 175 which when completed will be ridden in trials including the KIA series. What is the best set up for the frame and forks please, can the skinny leg 175 forks be made to work well, they operate smothly enough but seem very softly sprung with not much damping. The frame is totally standard what changes or improvements could be made to improve steering, handling, footrests etc or is it best left alone? Chain is 428 with 12t gearbox and 51t rear wheel sprockets fitted are these sizes a good choice, needs work before it can be ridden.
  10. Bultaco 199a Frame Mods

    Hi Willy, As a 199a owner I think leaving your bike as is the better option, they are a great bike in standard condition. The only changes I have made to mine are slightly larger rear sprocket,26mm Mikuni carb and a todotrial bash plate which is wider than the original. Trials now seem to have more twists and turns than maybe they used to so the changes I have made suit this type of section.
  11. Pre 65 sidecars

    Try this club...https://owdcodgersmcc.wordpress.com
  12. Greeves ltd.

  13. M49 advice please!

    Best read the trials regs, rod or cable for brake operation in classic classes.
  14. Bultaco Sherpa

    Your blue frame is the original 199a type the numbers on both blue frame and engine match. In my opinion the chrome frame is a SM aftermarket one. Personally I would keep the blue frame because of the matching numbers. Airbox is from an earlier model but not sure which one.
  15. TY 175 airbox to carb hose

    Does lightening the flywheel make the bike stall easier or reduce pulling power at low rpm ?