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  1. Need to measure up now to see which type of oil filter might best fit my bike, it has an airbox under the seat so space for a filter is limited.
  2. The small hole on the engine side of the needle block is the pilot circuit there is another in the inlet venturi (body tube) to allow mixture into the engine when the slide is closed. Best to use an airline and not poke anything in to parts of the carb.
  3. The info you need should be on the above website.
  4. Brucey I had an engine breather tube arrangement on my Cub similar to the one you have but have recently added a reducing elbow which fits just below the front of the seat with the duck bill vertically down the seat tube, this should prevent anything being drawn up the breather pipe by the engines pumping action as the flattened tube end allows air to escape but then closes shut again.
  5. Thank you Jon and Brucey I am impressed by both filter installations. Each just tucks away on the bike.
  6. Thanks Jon, do you place the magnet into the filter housing?
  7. Am thinking of adding a return line oil filter to my Triumph Cub trials bike, any recommendations of a kit or supplier anyone?
  8. Like the bike & the sunshine!
  9. I followed the sdvise given on the above link,my 250 Bultaco Sherpa runs great on the OKO.
  10. Your bike is quite a rare model in the UK, why not keep it as is and get a Sherpa to restore and ride.
  11. Looks very much like a Bultaco Pursang hub to me, the one on which the wheel can be turned through 180 then the sprocket moved from the opposite side and bolted around the brake drum which then moves the brake pedal to either the left or right side of the bike. Gear shaft protrudes each side of the engine so a gear lever can be fitted either side but the lever shape differs so a different one is needed for each side.
  12. The above links may be able to help you. Tidy looking trials Cub, most 199cc Cub engines used for trials are fitted with Dellorto or Mikuni carbs simply because until recently Amal cconcentric choke sizes started at 22mm which is just too big. The Zenith carb fitted to many Cubs when they were made was 18mm. Amal concentric carb production started around the time that Triumph stopped making the Tiger Cub.
  13. If iyour bike has been washed using road traffic film remover or a cleaner based on that then that is the reason for the colour change.
  14. I am unsure about that but the ratios fitted to the different models are probably about the web somewhere. The 11/46 seems good to me as you do not have the hassle of the reduced nut which is required for a 10t gearbox sprocket or a massive rear sprocket and the overall performance seems ok for the sections I have ridden. Does your bike have the dished rear sprocket or a flat sprocket conversion.