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  1. Soak in water, spray with Vanish, pop in washing machine. Works a treat.
  2. And finally the confirmation, Dabill to Beta
  3. Excellent, the weeks are counting down quickly now.
  4. Another addition to the growing ex-pat trials club ?
  5. youtube search. hakan carlquist beer stop Namur 1988. will show a load of clips.
  6. Not yet, hopefully not to long now.
  7. Still dreaming about the top sections over the railway line!!!
  8. Had a great time in Sarlat riding this event. Thanks to the club and Metisse for the hospitality and a warm welcome.
  9. Picture of him and Fuji practising together today on Facebook.
  10. Listed here.
  11. Peter Cartwright
  12. Where in France are you? Looking to relocate soon and will be wanting to still compete.
  13. Yes, back in 2006. Need to book accommodation early if you go though. Great ride round, lots of rock gullies and a massive hill climb just outside the town.