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  1. 'A' models had aluminium engine outer casings. Later models had lighter magnesium alloy casings.
  2. Can you recall venues where events were held. The only ones in the area I know would have been Thorpe Salvin, Amen Corner, Rhodesia & Teversal.
  3. Sorry to hijack the thread, but alta what type of price does birkett charge for porting? Thanks
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    You should be able to take 1" out of the vertical part of the front pipe & get it rewelded. The wes pipe will just miss the fins on the head & not touch the fuel tank
  5. Arthur on the greeves, went on to win his route & beat every other bike on that route. Nice bloke - good ride
  6. Sorry I am describing pre70 bikes, Charlie correctly states only outer cases are pre65.
  7. Watch it 4stroke, your question might start a Trialscentral forum pre65 rant! Some of the bantams will only use the original engine bottom end & cylinder head. Everything else is new, or recycled parts from newer bikes such as forks & wheel rims.
  8. Have you tried crookes suzuki
  9. It's to stop your fingers being cut off if you fall off the bike on to the rear wheel or someone tries to catch the bike. It is not for guiding the chain, they are fitted to mx & enduro bikes.
  10. Have you got the chain adjuster as far back as possible. You might be able to move the wheel back to gain some more wheelbase. To do this you will have to add a link or 1/2 link to the chain.
  11. Local 'club level' road trials, a nice ride around the lanes taking in new sections, finishing without feeling like I've had a good kicking
  12. Thanks for this tip, the new carb will be the next job I drop on to - thanks
  13. Condolences to his family. I was one of the many who remember him from enduro's, he would usually be in the remotest place manning the quickest check, always ready for a some banter when having your time card marked. I did events all over Britain, he was always there. You always knew it was him the timing clock had a cover on it that said oy wot time is it
  14. I may be wrong, but it may be matt chambers of xblox. His cub changed on a monthly basis I remember it with discs & yam bits on it
  15. Nice bike Harry58, how did you form the frame tubes that hold the rear mudguard
  16. This should not have to be expected from riding a light weight bike. Magnesium alloys are not ideal for use in engines. I would do a little research before starting up the welder,if you do have some dry sand on hand. I had a repair done on some aluminium crankcases. It was all ok but it warped the cases and I ended up buying new ones.
  17. You may want to fit a cover on it. They stick out a fair bit compared to the original pipe, resulting in melted clothing & burnt legs!
  18. Thanks for posting. Early 1980s the bmx lads thought they were inventing all the tricks she did in 1965!
  19. That comes as no surprise, a pro motorcyclist unable to string a sentence together without copying/cheating - haha a classic.
  20. The problem in producing good power for trials in this engine is the exhaust port duration is far too advanced. It needs the exhaust port lowering which is very difficult to do.
  21. Haha he can be worse face to face. Service without a smile. Uttered the word yamaha and was nearly barred.
  22. The value? What someone is daft enough to pay for it. £300? If you can get two people wanting it who knows with old bikes. But it is a nail
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    5 Or 3 ?

    5. Anyone know what he did get marked for the section? Edit -Looking at the results I think he was given a 3.
  24. Ade Clarke? - early water cooled gasgas?
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