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  1. Jonv8 does conversion of std frame as per originals.
  2. You make a very good point. Not sure I have seen much about them. You contact Steve Saunders at TRS as he has a number running and he and his daughter were riding one the other week.
  3. Money - too many people and health and safety with hands out for a sport in which people are not normally charged.
  4. Correct and how we sold them here in UK
  5. Do they charge us to watch these trials ? Trials are normally free to watch.
  6. Our Drayton Bantam is 184lbs ready to ride. It is still on standard Iron hubs and steel shocks at present. Am sure they can be around 170lbs dry.
  7. Ask Martin Mathews at www.Motoswm.com he will know. He also does a very nice electronic ignition set for them.
  8. Have Electrex on my C15 works very well.
  9. Most 250's are almost the same, all can be de-tuned. Question therefore you may like to think about is which make has good dealer support in your area and if you go to club trials in your area you may find a strong local brand following - there is usually a good reason for that.
  10. How do people machine brake shoes to fit a drum brake for full surface contact ? Pictures of any jigs ?
  11. bezaboy


    Talk to Heath Brindley on FB as he is both OCD and TRS owner.
  12. Not got an Armac lightener, but have one of Pete's clutches. Great clutch and does not need a lightener on mine.
  13. What Spark Plugs are people using in their Ariels ?
  14. Do anybody know if this is Classic friendly event or set out for moderns ??
  15. The Falcons are very good and Robin and team are most helpful. Bend a Betor and it is in the bin, Falcon back in a few days rebuilt. They would be top of my list.
  16. Sounds like an air leak and ours runs best with an Amal carb. The Mikuni always worked well at one end or other of throttle opening. Added advantage of Amal is you can then run in British bike events !!
  17. Can somebody please let me have contact details for Steve Gagg who makes those great ali bits. Thanks
  18. Is the answer that you all post your dates on here !! Then it does not matter if you are AMCA or ACU. There are a couple of people who kindly and very helpfully post combined lists in some areas.
  19. bezaboy

    Ty 175 Footpegs

    Yes, there is a kit on the market and very good it is, have it fitted on my sons TY. It is the chap who makes the 220 Yamaha conversions that Mick Andrews rode and tested in CDB magazine.
  20. Did not know about it - have a road going Ariel, that would like a trip over the Severn bridge. One question I always ask myself as an unskilled club rider, will I make it round or are the sections aimed just at the top few. This is the sort of information that saves a 200 mile wasted journey.
  21. bezaboy

    Majesty Rear Wheel

    Not that straight forward - Is it a Shirty Yamaha Majesty or is it one of the new frame Majesty. Use same hub but different offset also some use a flat sprocket and others the TY dished sprocket.
  22. Change the wheel, they work well on my Ariel -
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