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  1. Norman Close, A great friend to Bradford & District Motor Club. He was always available to observe at The Allan Jefferies Trophy Trial. One year with his knowledge of the course he was able to observe 4 sections. He not only observed at the AJ but also many club trials for the Club. He also assisted the majority of Yorkshire Centre Clubs He joined the Bradford team who assisted L&M Events at the World Trials held at Hawkstone Park and Fort William. He was one of the first helpers to arrive the weekend before and always the last to leave after the trials. At Hawkstone Park his expertise, re-built the stage that was in danger of collapsing after heavy over night rain. Jake & Martin were a little concerned that Norman may have taken on a little to much. I informed them, "leave him alone and I guarantee all will be ok by this evening" Norman completed the task. He joined us up in Fort William, again helping out marking sections etc. His favourite night was the Sunday after the trial had finished. We would drive into Fort William for a Fsh & Chip supper (Norman would not actually buy the battered Haggis but he always had half of mine) This was then followed by a couple of pints. Kath would drive us back to the venue, Norman sat in the back directing Kath. I know he had a love for steam engines and if you got into a conversation with him about them he could talk all night. I remember some times when he did. Thanks Norman for the help you gave me personally and Bradford & DMC over the years I knew you. Ron
  2. Why not just go back to the company you purchased the machine from and ask for advice????
  3. Jason Lawler another lad from the South West area
  4. What happened to Martin Richards (Cornwall area). Another National rider in the 80s 90s
  5. Looking back on some of the top riders in Nationals what happened to Paul Rose from Sheffield. A good steady rider and very well mannered.
  6. Copied from 2016 ACU Handbook https://www.acu.org.uk/Uploaded/1/Documents/2016%20Handbook/Trials.pdf ENGINE CAPACITY /WHEEL SIZE FOR ABOVE AGE GROUPS: The maximum permitted for machines used in the Age Groups set out in this Regulation are as follows: A Class 125cc Mono or 250cc Twinshock** combustion engine, and Electric up to 10bhp measured at the rear wheel. B Class 125cc Mono or 250cc Twinshock** combustion engine, and Electric up to 10bhp measured at the rear wheel. ** Twinshock machines over 125cc must have twin rear suspension units and drum brakes as at the time of manufacture. C Class 80cc combustion engine, and Electric up to 7bhp measured at the rear wheel. D Class 80cc combustion engine, Maximum Medium wheel. and Electric up to 7bhp measured at the rear wheel. E Class Small wheel Electric powered machines up to 2bhp measured at the rear wheel. The C and D Classes may be split by wheel size. C Class Standard Wheel. Medium Wheel. D Class Medium Wheel. Small Wheel.
  7. http://www.northberksmcc.com/assets/nbmcc-mar16-ladiesgirls-results.pdf
  8. 1. Raga 2. Bou 3. Busto 4. Fajardo 5. Casales 6. Cabestany 7. Ferrer 8. Terres 9. Fuji 10.Dibbs
  9. Been watching a few videos on facebook, you tube etc of the current batch of WTC contenders. I cannot understand why they are still practising to balance, hop and bop, move sideways, backwards and never use flags. Looks good but a lot of 5s if it was a trial. Have the rules changed for 2016 - no flags and ride section anyway they want?
  10. Pop along to the Bradford & DMC Beginners & Novice trial next Saturday. Steady trial to suit all beginners and wobbly dads. Look for bradfordtrials dot com for directions to venue.
  11. Copy of correspondence between the Club and the ACU: Hi Peter Richard has kindly forwarded me your email regarding Bradford’s concerns about the circumstances of an Official administering first aid and then possibly being held liable if as a result of this first aid assistance, further injuries were sustained by the casualty. In a nutshell, this liability is covered in an extension to our Insurance policy. Basically it is recognised by the Insurer that sometimes a medic can be delayed in reaching the casualty and in circumstances like this the Official/Marshal may be required to perform first aid until the arrival of a suitably trained medical person. This is all covered under our ‘Good Samaritan act’ – so any further injuries that might have been caused by a non medical person would be covered by the ACU insurance policy and supported by the ACU if any further legal claim was to arise as the individual performing such medical provision would have been doing so in an attempt to make the casualty more comfortable or to save life. I hope this helps. Please let me know if I can help any further. Kind regards Gary Gary Thompson MBE BEM General Secretary
  12. Not just observers. Top riders not supporting the nationals. The AJ this weekend has attracted 20 on the National course. Is it worth marking out sections for the top boys if they dont support these trials. (Thank you to the 20 who have supported the club, some for the last 10+years). This years trial 85% over 40ish Maybe next year mark just one course suitable for the Novice (Clubman) rider. (These are my thoughts not the Clubs)
  13. I dont think so Entry for the recent YG ACU/Oset Championship see attached photo
  14. Easy enough to buy on the day just outside the venue. Last time I paid less than 15 euros http://www.barcelonayellow.com/bcn-events/venueevents/4-el-palau-sant-jordi-arena-barcelona Been twice and no problem. The Barcelona round is normally fixed i.e does not get cancelled or a date change. Brilliant atmosphere when you join in.
  15. Hello, I see that the 2nd hand rumour mill has started. (I didn't actually here if from an observer). How can I check from a video if they were instructed to count to 3?? This is not a rumour - When I was organising the observers at Hawkstone Park and Fort William, both L&M Events, all observers were asked to penalise the rider if they ceased moving in a forward motion. In the case of FW this would have been a 5. No counting up to 3 etc. In the majority of cases this happened, in a few cases it did not, as stated by many armchair observers in the forums after the FW trials. My question is 'what happened at the meeting with the observers at Penrith. Was an instruction given to count to 3 or anything similar? Can someone who observed at Penrith reply please.
  16. See here http://www.acu.org.uk/News/2014/01/2014-ACU-NORMANDALE-TRADITIONAL-TRIALS-CHAMPIONSHIP/ You will find the regs under Round 6: August 3rd The Bootle Traditional Trial organised by Bootle Scrambles Club. Permit No 41976.
  17. D Lampkin, G Jarvis, J Dabill, J Challoner or D Clark. Lampkin & Jarvis would be OK for the TDN type of section. Both still good enough. J Dabill top British rider at the moment. J Challoner or D Clark, both I think could compete on the TDN type of section. M Brown not fit enough yet. Ross Danby maybe.
  18. Why be biased towards British riders? If they aint good enough why let them believe they are.
  19. No I did not relax on laps 2 and 3. I suggested to the FIM, after lap 1, that another kicker be placed in the section to give the riders a chance of getting through. As i have said in other forums when a rider hits a rock face and his front or rear wheel slips down the rock face he is not moving forward. Therefore a 5 is given. Once this kicker was positioned the riders had more of a chance and I had a little more enjoyment.
  20. Reading the comments I must have had a good 2 days. No expert has complained about my decisions on section 11 on Saturday. Only one complaint about section 12 Sunday. For the record I requested that a kicker be positioned in section 12 after lap 1. I did not want to continue putting the number 5 up. This was accepted by the COC and FIM section expert. The section was duly amended. A front wheel resting on a rock face and dropping down to the ground in my eyes is a stop. I am thinking of taking my expertise to the British \championship next year. This way I will see all you experts more often :hyper:
  21. Cheer up, only a bit of fun. The Photos will be avaiable soon. If you PM me with your riding number and team I will pass it on to Barry. Glad you enjoyed it. Keep smiling
  22. They would have been earlier but I wanted my tea first. This weekends trial at Parson Lee (See Calendar( wont be as quick. May be a couple of days before they appear on the site
  23. Yes I made a massive balls up on the sections. No excuses no one else to blame. Not the clubs fault, mine. Ron CoC Bradford Beginners Trial 4/5/13.
  24. Good.Just that I have not seen him in any results etc lately
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