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  1. Yes; Steve, Lianne and Derek Bamford are very friendly and not too far from Malaga, and they know all about trials on the South. Also have a look to www.toptrial.net They are from Marbella (Malaga), and then remember Posadas, a little village close to Cordoba, where some trials arroud year..and specially the Posadas 2 Days Trial on december.
  2. Thanks Paul !! See you there. New sections, 40 in total all diferent, and a good route over the Santigosa & Pirenees Mountains. 3 levels on each section and also a Pre65 class.
  3. COMPETITION STRUCTURE The competition is reserved exclusively for the Classic Motorcycle Trials 3 levels of difficulty established : YELLOW LEVEL : Sections of difficulty very low. GREEN LEVEL : Sections of difficulty setting. BLUE LEVEL : Sections of medium difficulty. ITINERARY: 1st and 2nd day. will be one round to a circuit of 20 km, with 20 nonstop sections, diferent every day. ---------------------------- Enjoy the genuine atmosphere of the early editions of the legendary 3 Dies Trial Santigosa, who were born in these same sections 40 years ago (1972), and for which they have run the best drivers in the world: Walter Luft, Rob Edwads, Yrjo Vesterinen, Ulf Karlson, Martin Lampkin,, Eddy Lejeune, Pere Pi, Manuel Soler.... ENRTY FORM: Can be made from 5 th September in our website: www.motoclubabadesses.com
  4. Yes there are: Joan Freixas, Manuel Soler, Jordi Soler and Gabino Renales.
  5. Incredible and really superb pictures. Thanks for sharing. Congrats to Tal Zohar and hope to see you riding again next year MexMex
  6. A month to the beginning of the 40th edition of "3 Days Trial Santigosa" during the 22nd, 23rd and 24th April in San Juan de las Abadesas (Girona). The organization can now confirm the main novelties of this edition will be very special. Circuit 65 km: day arriving in the village of Ogassa which will double the mileage of the tour recovering areas of the old circuit and seventies. Non Stop sections: implementation of the scoring system "Non Stop" The inscriptions were at a good pace. Opening of the exhibition "40 years of mythicals 3 dts." Further information: www.3dts.org and www.motoclubabadesses.cat
  7. I stongly recommend this event; the Santigosa 3 Days Trial. It's by far best long trial in Spain and this year it'll be the 40th. edition. The sections are straigth forward and like the SSDT is "non stop" this year. If you like more information have a look this website: www.motoclubabadesses.com Info is in catalan, espa
  8. Metisse: Are you going and riding the SANTIGOSA CLASSIC TWO DAYS TRIAL ?? So there you'll see plenty of twinshocks and "classic" trials bikes. Some original and some other very expensive and modified... The event is in Sant Joan les Abadesses, Girona, not far from Barcelona. It's a great and excellent event and also at Easter week the same club organize the Santigosa 3 Days trial, the biggest and oldest long trial in Spain. See you there..
  9. Superb "bigfoot" ! ! !
  10. Very interesting...Thanks for the info Lee.
  11. What a great event !!! Nice route, good sections, friends, weather....so well worth it. A big congrats to the IDMCC Club and everyone involved and thanks to Walter Dalton for borrow me his bike. It's a trial to recommend to all classic fans. Hope to ride again
  12. Thanks Racey for the info and sharing this great pictures !!
  13. Yes Big John: this year I'll have the oportunity of riding the Highland Classic Two Days at Alvie. So I'm willing to be there on a few days....And there will be apart from Mr.Javier Cruz another 8-9 Spanish riders. See you all at Alvie !!
  14. Thanks Donald for emaling me Thanks also to Baldilock. The seven points are very useful. And of course thanks to Andy. I'm here reading every week your nice site and forums. This year despite of the crisis and the incredible expensive licence for Spanish riders ( 640 euros ), we are more than 30 coming over and riding best trial of the world...and also 11 riders on the waiting list !! Hope they get a chance and the weather will be a it better this year And of course I'll help to DoubleA....Mr.Alberto Arana !! He rides very well "non stop" so for sure he'll enjoy the Scottish sections
  15. It's not a rumour. It's true (if no late problems) that Albert Cabestany will ride the SSDT 2010, with some other newcomer friends.
  16. No...I'm on the list !! I'm one of the 180 riders that we will ENJOY !!!
  17. In my opinion there are about 10 riders with serious posibilities of winning: Calvert, Gaunty, Mick, Morewood, Dommet, Thorpe, Du Feu, Whittaker, Winthrop, Rovira, Buixo..... Only one will win....but 180 will enjoy for sure !!! And that the most important. See you there in a few weeks...and thanks from here to Walter Dalton for borrow me his bike.
  18. Really Munch? Where new route in the Pre65? ahh,,,,tarmac or main road
  19. And where are this new sections ?? Oh..no more moors ???
  20. trialero13

    Ally Finlay

    Oh no !! Very sad news. Ally Finlay a ex-secretary of SSDT trials died last Monday. He was a good secretary some years ago, before Mairi and Big John Moffat. I'm proud to have known you Mr.Ally ! Rest in pace Ally and my condolences to Blair and Margaret Finlay.
  21. FELICIDADES !!!! Fantastic news. Congratulations !!!!
  22. CONGRATS !!!! Well done !!! What a great job !!!! Thanks to all involved !!!!
  23. Yes Jake Miller is on the list. But is he riding ??? Goooooodddd !!!!!
  24. http://www.almeriaguesthouse.com/ And then: trials holidays
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