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  1. Need to be changing the white fast action throttle tube on my Domino back to the black one !!!!........431
  2. martinm

    Weston Beach

    50% of the problem was that the tide was in when the race started. Weston super Mare has the 3rd highest difference between high/low tide in the world, this years start straight was about 100m wide, if they delayed the start for a couple of hours it would have been half a mile wide, which would have helped the problem. The injured rider was Ty Kellett from Langport in Somerset, I'm sure there are many TC regulars that will know his dad Nibs Kellett who was a regular rider in South West/Wessex/National trials back in the 70/80's before going on to become a downhill mountain biker. I would like to send my best wishes to Ty and family for a speedy conclusion to this nightmare. Regards Martin
  3. martinm


    Wonder if will look anything like this ??
  4. martinm

    Rm500 Suzuki.

    Seriously Jon, dont chop up the DG front pipe, it would be a real shame as they are the best aftermarket pipe around. I have converted a lot of MXers to enduro use, definitely go for the alloy enduro tailpipe, it will make a huge difference. Ebay is the place to look, anything with the correct size entry hole. On the Husky enduros from the mid 80's, they quietened the front pipes by using 2 heatshields, which were a piece of thin steel sheet, shaped to the same profile as the bulbous part of the pipe. They had one on the outside half and one inside, with exhaust padding in between and held in place with large jubilee clips. This reduced the sound from the front pipe dramatically, so worth considering if its still loud after you change the tail pipe. Hope this helps Martin
  5. I have silentbloc's in the swingarm on my SWM, and have had absolutely no problems with them. Best bit is no maintenance, just fit and forget.
  6. martinm

    Not Looking Too Good ?

    I know the bike and I know the owner. It has only done club trials, the suspension and wheel changes were an upgrade on the standard Xispa, the rest is just bling !!!! As for changing the tyre, I usually grab his old tyres as I can run a twinshock on them for a season no problem. Cheers Martin
  7. martinm

    Sherpa T Mystery

    If Pedronicman says swap the LT coil he is probably right......will drop you a pm to explain Regards Martin
  8. martinm

    Sherpa T Mystery

    Sounds a bit basic, but are you still trying to start it on the kickstart or have you tried push starting it ??? I have an 82 Husky Enduro, it has a motoplat ignition, if left for a few weeks there is no way it will start on the kickstart, you cant turn the motor over quick enough or long enough to get it to fire. Push it 50 metres down the road and it fires up straight away, and when warmed up is no problem to kick. Worth a try Martin
  9. Try here Simply Bearings they are
  10. Try Bob Wright in Weston super Mare (UK) he has a huge amount of Gilera spares, also visits Italy every few months, so may be able to find odd bits you need. Bob Wright Cheers Martin
  11. I'm trying to get my SWM on the road to have a crack at some of the Sammy Miller rounds. It seems for older bikes, Carole Nash is generally regarded as about the best bet. So, having tried to get a quote online and failed as "SWM" doesn't appear in their drop down menu, I decided to call them up. Now, this is not the first time I have rung someone for an insurance quote in the last 47 years....but was certainly the only time that I have felt I was being tucked up before we even started. The lead question was "How much was I expecting to pay"....and then a rather protracted reverse auction process began, with the guy eventually starting off with "The figure on my screen is
  12. Right colour Cota Kid....but wrong make, he's gone twinshock to Moto Gori, you heard it here first Martin
  13. martinm

    Inner Fuel Tank?

    Jaan On the 348's the alloy tank sits on foam rubbers pads on the top frame tube. The fibreglass cover had 2 holes for the vent tube and filler tube from the tank. The covers were bolted through the frame at the headstock and had the 2 rubber straps at the back below the seat. It was still possible to lever up the tank/seat unit to get access to the air filter. Regards Martin
  14. martinm

    Inner Fuel Tank?

    All trials bikes sold in Engalnd during the 1970's had to have a metal tank to be road legal. Montesa's method of making 348's street legal, was to use this style alloy tank, with a fibre glass outer cover. Hope this helps Martin
  15. Correct oil volume for Betor forks is 220cc in each leg and use 10W oil. Cheers Martin
  16. Hi The standard seal for Betors is 35-47-7 and normally you can get 2 on top of each other....check to see if there is a spacer ring fitted that the seal sits on, which would reduce the stack height down from 14 to 10mm. Alternatively, try just using a single seal, its very unlikely to move after being fitted. If you need a double lip seal, drop me a pm as we can get them here in the UK. Martin
  17. martinm


    Which God we talking about....Buddah
  18. martinm


    Only in production for 2 years, so there were probably fewer built than 200/240's. A lot of the 300's I have found in this area were used on sidecars at some point. Had 3 of them over the years, one of which I later found out was an ex Thierry Michaud works bike !!!! Nice bikes, always prefered the handling to the 240. Would suit a "larger built" rider like yourself Dixie Martin
  19. If that doesn't work, try contacting Colin Hill.....he will have Charlies number Colin Hill Racing Limited 197 Godstone Road Kenley Surrey CR8 5BN Telephone: 0208 660 3728 Cheers Martin
  20. martinm

    New Swm

    Hi Chris Thats a 78 RS250MC you have there, it should look like this. It has been fitted with a front end from a very early Husqvarna, but whats there seems salvageable. I got your email, and will let you know which parts are easy to obtain. Cheers Martin
  21. martinm

    New Swm

    Better picture would help identify it.....the forks look wrong for a start (look like early Husqvarna) Cheers Martin
  22. Couldn't find one, so I have ammended your illustration. Hope this helps Martin
  23. Hi No.........the SWM does not have an emulsion tube above the idle jet. I think the diagram you have there shows all of the component parts inside the PHBH carb, and also 55 other bits that aern't needed. I will see if I can find a better illustration for you and post it later. Martin
  24. martinm

    Gino Rea

    Plenty of other World Super Bike (& Moto GP) riders who ride trials, such as.........James Toseland, Chris Walker, Josh Brookes, Leon Haslam, Garry McCoy, Leon Camier, Shakey Byrne...etc
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