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  1. The idle is WAY to high. Check the throttle twist grip. It may have been moved or damaged in the fall.
  2. You need to raise your Idle. It should be set at 1800 RPM. See your manual for the location. Turning the idle screw out will raise the idle. I normally do a reset after 3-4 kicks. 10-20 is too many. Or you need a new spark plug. Make sure you have a little play in the throttle and that the air filter does not have too much oil on it.
  3. When you remove the long inner pilot jet do yourself a favor...whiz it at bin. You don't need it and all it does is clog up. Be very careful removing it. Do not bugger the threads. Use a narrow screwdriver that will fit into the hole.
  4. Have you bought your tickets? Who's going? Who's checking? http://trialgpusa.com/
  5. Sportsawyer is 100% right. Without them you'll damage the center cases. Put the rubber pads on.....please..... and if they are damaged, replace them.
  6. Only one piece of advice: Go see the Grand Canyon.
  7. Great photo Andy. 6 of the 7 are from Oregon. Good luck !!!
  8. Outlaw Trial has a nice 3 bottle bag. http://www.outlawtrials.com/index.php?action=display&status=nothome&picture=listimages/3.jpg&itemnumber=3&itemname=Outlaw Gas-Pak&itemprice=$145 (bottles not supplied)&description=We designed and tested this on the Joss Mountain ride - latest model comes with built in pouch to hold a water bladder.
  9. You are in one of the best Trials areas in the USA. For Modern and Vintage. http://www.observedtrials.com/ Contact the COTA club.
  10. No need for that Bob. Maps are available and bikes are ready to go. It's an easy swap to do before you get there. If you do it at all. I was just at the TdN at Isola 2000 meters, (6000 feet ). No need for engineers chasing anybody. You need to get up to date Bob. Your last World Round was what 10 years ago. Speaking of chasing, I seem to be chasing you a lot lately ...........
  11. Yes, the filters were properly oiled. A good test for any filter is to hold it up to a light. If you can see pin points of light, then dust will get through. Try this test with a (clean) stock filter and then a Jitse. Again, apologies to Jitse. They make great products, but the air filter does not keep out the dust we get here in the Southwestern US.
  12. The stock filter is the best. It's what the factory team uses. It breathes just fine. It was designed to run with that filter. Handy tip: Install it into the lid first and then into the air box. make sure you have a good seal. The Jitsie should never be used in dry or dusty conditions. We have found that it lets dust into the air box. Sorry Jitse. Just hold it up to the light and see how much light shines through.
  13. Motoworld in El Cajon CA. ask for Jared or Scott.
  14. Fuji Kirk! I have heard good things about Dumonde Tech. My best advise is pick an oil and stay with it. Swapping oils can affect your clutch plates and cause them to swell. And please do not think you can mix up some magic oil "cocktail". This will = disaster. Also bear in mind that Elf HTX 740 will not cure all ills. If a clutch is old and abused or has had other oils in it you need to replace it.
  15. Sportsawyer is right. Your local Honda can get the ELF for you. Honda part number 08C35-HTX-740. My local dealer has several cases in stock and brings it to each event. One mistake is changing the ELF too soon. It is a high quality oil that will last a long time. For the engine I've been using PRO-Honda GN4 10-30W and I change it regularly. Silkolene 10W-40 is great also.
  16. Without making anything official.......The next US World Round will most likely be in Arizona in 2017.
  17. ....assuming they let you in the country. The first beer is on me. you know where to go if you get hungry.
  18. Do you have an "R" Resistor type plug installed? Without a resistor plug it will act like it has an electrical problem.
  19. Subi is the best! Great rider, great friend. We did the Spanish Championship and SSDT together in 1976. Fantastic mechanic and development rider . We traveled in a Seat sedan and trailer. We had several flat tires. No problem. Subi put a new inner tube in using just a set of motorcycle tires levers. Another brilliant interview James. Cheers, Martin
  20. Brilliant! Great detective work James and Martin. I am convinced. PS it was Big Tujunga Canyon where we all practiced (not Topanga) . I know you would appreciate the detail.
  21. Lineaway, one was World Champion and one was not. Cope, injury limits my riding these days, so I do what I can. Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback.
  22. Danny Mac is a magic man surrounded by world class film makers that know how to use a camera and choose the right music. It's lightning in a bottle. A phenomenom. The amazing thing is that they are able repeat the magic.....again now with The Ridge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ_IQS3VKjA Released 2 weeks ago it's now near 13 million views. The effect has been worldwide. The inclusion of the song by the Jezebels "a little piece" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPerIxIoDOE in "way back home" has boosted the band's popularity and they give credit to Danny and his video. It's made me a huge fan. *** bonus Jezabels song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvUQ22Itxjw
  23. AC, the seat/tank made in Italy sold for $500 usd and some but not many were sold here, it was too much $$$. BUT we had a seat made by a pit bike supplier and we were able to retail it for $99. We sold all we could get and I know it helped many a bike sale because I sold them.
  24. Brilliant and long over due. Opens up a whole new market. Buyers who want a great singletrack bike but were put off by the lack of a seat..... or Off Road riders want to Crosstrain on a Trials bike but the thought of standing all day does not appeal. Think about it. To them the bike is missing a major component. All trials bikes should be sold with one. Don't think it has affected the price. I am sure you will see them at the SSDT.
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