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  1. I would get a 24mm bore 600 series Amal. The smaller bore is ideal for these singles I have run one on my 1959 G3C long stroke in the Pre'65 Scottish for many years. I have a note of the jetting etc, but I'm not prepared to post openly on here, send me a PM and I'll let you have the settings. I use a conical filter with a rubber shield and suitable adapter. Big John
  2. Correct up to a point 2/4, but I bought Aspen from Peter Bremner's place of work and AVGAS is not pump petrol either. There are over 200 outlets selling Aspen 2 and 4 stroke in 5ltr canisters. It's very low odour to handle, no aromatics, benzine or ethanol, I feel a lot safer with this stuff in the Batcave than pump petrol! Oh and BTW - When did you last see an SACU official test fuel in a trials bike at an event? Only drawback is the price £18.00 for 5 ltrs. Do some research on it, it is made from the higher part of the cracking and distilling process. It has been worth it from my perspective. Big John
  3. I have most recently experienced softening of a glassfibre tank and that was using Shell V-Power nitro+ pump fuel with castrol A747. It has completely ruined a brand new, supposedly ethanol resistant tank. I did read Charlie Prescott's hobby site extolling the virtues of Aspen, but I had already researched it myself many months ago. I have purchased Aspen 4 locally, to use in both my four-stroke and two-strokes and contacted Anglo-American Fuels directly who confirmed that I can mix with any 2T oil that mixes with current pump petrol, without any issues. One guy ciontacted me and said his bike had carb freezing issues with Aspen, but that is quite common with some bikes where I stay anyway! Aspen is free from ethanol, aromatics and benzine. I don't think the separation of ethanol from pump fuel is a good idea, you are left with a quantity of contaminated water at the end of the process, where do you dispose of that in both a safe and environmentally considerate manner. Aspen is not cheap to buy, but neither are trials machine fuel tanks and fuel systems etc. I thought I was alright until I couldn't get the cap off the Bultaco tank that was depleting inside! Big John
  4. The Bultaco Metisse - I'm not sure, it's on e-bay relisted at the moment. It was a Scottish championship winning machine a few years ago. It was owned by a very well-known Scottish motorcycle dealer and elder brother of a former double British MX champion who won on Bultaco. Big John
  5. There is of course more to Telford show than just bikes for sale. The Model 10 Sherpa was on e-bay for weeks at £4K. It was taken to Telford in the hope that a buyer could be sourced, obviously it didn't happen. The price of motocross machinery is even higher a Model 11 Metisse that I saw a couple of weeks ago which I reckoned was worth £4K is now for sale at £7500. The Telford show is well run and not so expensive to attend. It's a fantastic social weekend, bike sales is only an element, its not the whole event. I enjoyed your company 'Greeves' Big John
  6. Yes, a whole squad of us which makes up 'The Auld Highlanders Tour - 2016' are coming down and staying the whole weekend, we wouldn't miss this show. Mortons own it now, but it hasn't lost anything as Wrighty has been retained as a consultant. Great weekend! Big John
  7. I am looking forward to seeing this in the metal at Telford, see you there Joe. Big John
  8. A very good interview James. As usual, you have spent a lot of time and money to get this and I have learned much about someone I knew very little until now. I actually rode the SSDT in 1977, he was a few numbers away from me and I recall him riding behind me for quite a few miles on the run down to Killin (the only dry day in a wet week). He seemed to be taking in the scenery and never looked flustered. I hardly spoke to him as he looked so serious all the time. I knew only one thing that he didn't seem to be enjoying the SSDT. Now I know the reason why. Big John
  9. Consider it done, but I don't post photos on TC and haven't done so for two years. Big John
  10. I'm happy to find out more from the 'man himself' if you like? Big John
  11. Non standard! An attempt to strengthen the top tube which was remedied by the alloy head steady assembly in 1982 on models. Big John
  12. Hi Joe, Your inbox is full, so I have sent you an e-mail. I will be at Telford all weekend, much to do but I will try to hook up with you on the Saturday morning. Regards, Big John
  13. This is definitely the 1975 Scottish Six Days. I have sent a message to Eric Lejeune and he admits Jean-Marie couldn't remember which year. The give away initially is the registration of the Honda entered by Sammy Miller's Honda team being N registration and Malcolm Rathmell on the pre-production 348 Montesa riding number 220. Big John
  14. Nigel Dabster is quite correct I have such a machine, a 340 (5-speed), UK registered from new. Reg May modified the frame, but not one of the 40 Comerford Replicas which had modified frames to 'Vesty' specification. Also the swingarm on mine isn't oval section, it is rectangular section tubing and longer than standard 340 with the crankcases machined to take the swingarm pivot/engine mount which is also non-standard. Big John
  15. A very frank interview with Ignacio Bulto on Retrorials. I had the great pleasure of having Ignacio and Oriol Puig-Bulto as guests at our Highland Classic Trial in 2013. James Brown went to a lot of effort to bring this interview to the internet. It tells the position from the Bulto family's perspective, but of course from 1979 the family were out of the picture. I am still keen to find out which was the last 340 model 199B, whether that be assembled out of spare parts bins at the Derbi factory or otherwise. Big John