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  1. Hi I did hear that some of the SSDT bikes had problems with 6th gear seizing which was thought to be due to slightly too tight machining clearance/shim settings in the box, which led to them seizing when being used on the higher speed, longer road sections-the explorer engine architecture is the same as the trials bike so wondered if this problem has carried on into the new model. Suggest returning the bike to the dealer as I'm sure the box would be replaced without question. One thought is if you do a lot of road [as opposed to green lane/off road riding], put an extra 50ml of oil in the box as that may help it just to be better lubed an run slightly cooler Great bikes though, I love my 2012 factory trials model Will-in-the-mud
  2. Hi all This is NOT for the faint-hearted.... After many bruised knuckles and lost fingernails, I was looking about the workshop for inspiration and my eyes alighted on the oxygen bottle of the welding set. Ah ha thinks I, and quick as a flash the appropriate tube was attached [i wouldn't use the acetylene for this as exploding back tyres are apt to frighten the observers] and it popped out a treat, but you do need a deft hand on the regulator....... Best wishes all Will-in-the-mud
  3. Hi Had a 2011 TR 280 and have just replaced it with a 2012 Factory R model. I think they are a fantastic bike! Had a 4RT before the Ossa, and the Ossa seems to weigh half as much, is a LOT easier to ride and grips better than anything else I have ridden to date [think I've been able to try pretty much everything]. They do take a little fiddling to get right initially [especially the mapping and fueling-they are VERY sensitive to mapping-for example my 2011 bike was perfect with map 10, but when we tried map 11E it just would not run cleanly off the bottom, no matter what we did, but back on 10 it was excellent. For me, I can't imagine anything better but I should say that I'm a 50 something Novice in it purely for the fun of it, so it may be that an expert might find a few things different, although Guy Kendrew seems to go pretty well...... My advice would have to be try one [if you're in the N East-England, that is-you're welcome to have a go on mine] and if you like it get one cos they definately grow on you. Hope this helps Happy trialling Will-in-the-mud
  4. Hi Factory replica is
  5. Here's a thought. I suppose the problem with no-stop now is that the bikes are so good that you need the technical aspects of the modern rules in order to test rider skills, whereas with no-stop, the sections would have to be, of necessity, dangerous to be testing? I don't know it thats true or not, but I'm sure riders like Ben and James etc would be able to give a knowledgeable answer...? Will-in-the-mud
  6. Hi Ben Very refreshing to hear the views of someone who actually rides the sections. I'm a 50 something who does it for fun cos I love the sport [don't think I've won a trophy in my life] so it matters not a bit whether I ride non-stop or hippity hoppity [can't do that either] BUT it did seem ill-judged, to me, that the British championship should have different rules to the World rounds. We clearly have some of the best riders in the world, but how can they hope to develop and compete if their domestic championship walks a different path. It may have been the case that the entries were dropping off, and that may have been because the riders were perceiving the sections were too hard, but I can't see that knee jerking back into no-stop was the best-judged solution. Would it not have been better for the ACU and riders representatives to try and come up with a formula that still allows the best of our riders to be tested as in world trials, whilst the next levels down can still feel able to complete. Incidentaly, the point about being fair to the observers is especialy well made-it is SO-O-O difficult. [i have only observed once and would NEVER do it again after the abuse I got from some of the riders.....] All the very best guys Will-in-the-mud Ps 2012 Ossa factory replicas rule!!!!
  7. Hi Andy Thanks for clearing the mystery. Keep up the good work on this great website Very best wishes Will-in-the-mud
  8. willrichardson

    2013 Updates

    Hi all Apparently, there was a thread on here for about a day which had a link to details about forthcoming changes to the 2801 for 2013 but I can't find it. Anyone know where it is? Thanks Will-in-the-mud
  9. Hi Bully Please please please please can you post some pics of the bike as it sounds awesome!! Best wishes Will-in-the-mud
  10. I'm sure I must have missed this, or am I the first to notice Adam Raga's new bike has "Tech" forks? Is this a precursor to a change from Marzocchi for production bikes as well...? Any thoughts out there? Anyone "in the know"? Best wishes Will-in-the-mud
  11. willrichardson


    Hi That's probably too "hard" a plug, so may be difficult to start when cold, may not run cleanly at low engine speed and more likely to foul. [i use 8/9 grade plugs in my Maico 490 MX bike]. 5/6 grade plugs are what you need in modern trials engines. Hope this helps Will-in-the-mud
  12. Seems to me this is an excellent illustration of the importance of the phrase "caveat emptor" [let the buyer beware].
  13. you'll find full details on the ossa canada website-the bike looks awesome, can't wait for it to arrive [ordered it "blind" but looks to have been well worth the wait] Cheers Will-in-the-mud
  14. Greetings Done both of mine over the years [once trialling, once motocross-oh how I loved that 490 maico...] and both healed well after 6 weeks in plaster-was quite ironic being that I'm a GP.... Suggest just follow the fracture clinic instructions and hopefully you should be fine but don't be tempted to do anything too soon because non-union of the scaphoid [which can happen if you try to use it before it is healed properly] would probably stop you trialling. Hope this helps and best wishes Will-in-the-mud
  15. Hi It might be more money than you want to spend, but I'd look long and hard at the new Ossa explorer which is basically their OUTSTANDING [oh yhus, I am biased but I just LOVE it]trials bike with a seat on to make it livable with. Sounds like it would be perfect for what you want, but as only going to be new for a while, then might be too much to spend [good info on the Ossa Canada website] Best wishes Will-in-the-mud
  16. I'd check the fuel system [including all feed pipes, unions, the breather hole in the tank cap and completely strip and clean the carb]as that sounds like there's not enough fuel getting through [the bike equivalent of intermittent claudication....] Best wishes Will-in-the-mud
  17. Have you checked thoroughly for air leaks [i'm thinking around the reed block, carb to reed block etc] as it could be an air leak that only becomes significant when warm [ie isn't being masked by running rich on choke etc] Just a thought Will-in-the-mud
  18. willrichardson

    Ossa Enduro

    I know it's not quite trials, but has anyone seen the beautiful work of art that is the expansion chamber on the new Ossa enduro-check out the Ossa Spain website-how DO they do that welding..... Will-in-the-mud
  19. Just to say thank you! These are lovely photo's of some beautiful bikes [certainly nothing wrong with the camera, to my mind...] I, for one, LOVE it when people post genuine pics like this, so keep em' coming Very best wishes Will-in-the-mud
  20. Hi Sorry but had to jump in here as it rang so many bells. I'm in the "over 50's" range riding easy route [late returner] and was on an 09/10 4RT [with 280 conversion, lift plates at the back and "speckled clutch plates"-really nice though I say so myself]but wasn't really getting to grips with things. Tried all the bikes I could get my hands on including the replicas but had instant, overwhelming and enduring love affair with new 280 Ossa. SO-O-O-O easy to ride and grips so well it made the 4RT look like it had slicks on but the real benefit is on laps 3 and 4 when the [lack of] weight comes into play!!! Scoring has gone from 50-80 down to 10-25 over 3m and I just love it [2012 Fajardo replica already ordered]. If you buy something else without having tried an Ossa, don't ever ride one as you'll hate yourself-of course that's just my opinion but if you're in the northeast area and want to try mine just head over and ask. Very best wishes Will-in-the-mud
  21. And here was me thinking I was the only one who thought the "re-designed" TMX website was rubbish!!!! Thanks guys, you've cheered me up no end :-) Will-in-the-mud
  22. Hi All Guy was kind enought to let me try his bike against a standard one when I went to try Andy Melcalf's demo bike [bIG plug for Andy by the way, great to deal with] and it was undoubtedly totally standard apart from a quick action throttle [i just don't know where these blokes get the nerves from, I really don't...]. So 10 out of 10 to Ossa for a fabulous bike-if you can't find one to try then come and have a go on mine, they are awesome things. Roll on the 2012 Fajardo replica, I can't wait.... Will-in-the-mud!
  23. Hi I TIG welded a crack in the rim of my Maico 490 twinshock motocross bike about a ear ago and its holding up just fine so I would say welding a trials rim would be fine-just make sure its welded by someone who knows what they are doing... Best wishes Will-in-the-mud
  24. Yes, it is a bit fiddly but as I'm writing this, an idea has just occured to me which might make it aa lot easier-I'll try it tonight and let you know tomorrow. Absolutely LOVE the bike [had a 4RT before this], constantly amazed at the things it will do. [just had the P11 evo map installed which is really interesting to play with as it allows you to have two different bikes, in effect. Very best wishes Will-in-the-mud
  25. If it's the same as the 2011, all you need is the correct size of torx bit [trust me, it's really worth finding your nearet "snap-on" van and spending a small fortune to get a high quality set as nothing else will get the job done...] Do NOT be tempted to try and use the nearest size allen key-this will simply result in lots of frustration and the need to buy a screw extractor kit....] Good luck
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