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    Bultaco Model 198b

    198 B, Production 270..... But there where 10 198 B models with 6 speed gear box's which all went to France....
  2. legs

    Romero Motos

    What parts do you need ? Romers do not speak any english...
  3. Motoplat ignition fly wheel pullers are double ended 27mm & 30mm
  4. Len Huttys Funeral is on the 28th November 11.30 at Aldershot Crematorium Black is optional and donations to Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice.
  5. Hi all the BOGNOR MCC ADDER BROWN memorial trial is advertised in TMX as being on this weekend (31st august) but this is a mistake! it is actually being held NEXT WEEKEND SEPTEMBER 7TH for more info please call TONY MARTIN on 01243 537331 OR JUST TURN UP AND ENTER ON THE DAY!! ALL WELCOME AT- Henley Village Fernhurst Near Haslemere West Sussex
  6. If you can't find in USA we have in stock 520 Regina Half links www.inmotiontrials.com (see drive parts section) Thank you Dave
  7. Len Hutty has Pancreatic cancer and going through ground breaking chemotherapy but is still ALIVE contrary to many rumours going around. Thank you Dave Renham
  8. legs


    Hello, Yes we are at work and very busy the phone is always flat out on a Monday....... Keep trying or send an email info@bultacouk.com Thank you
  9. legs

    198A Clutch Weigh

    Star Washer....
  10. Hello, Bultaco Sherpa Model 151 was made between October 1974 and February 1975 Dave Renham In Motion Bultaco UK
  11. Motosinge.... You are a Legend......
  12. legs

    Postage Costs

    If you live out side europe then you should NOT pay VAT (ie) Australia, USA Japan etc. If you live in europe then you need a VAT number to not pay vat...
  13. 199a Gear box drain is the 13mm spanner size bolt under front sprocket goes in side of engine.
  14. Fantic 201 156cc, 241 212cc, 301 250cc
  15. Please do NOT use TTS Fully Synthetic as it is to good for old boreable barrels, use a Castor based oil....
  16. Yes they did make 50 and 80's as I have owened both and have brake shoes....
  17. legs

    Clutch Rod

    Clutch push rod should be 187mm in length
  18. The one I missed in last picture was John Beasley, and I only know 2 off these Brian Hoptroff, Derek Jones
  19. Bill Moore, Mick Dismore, Eddie Renham, Len Hutty, Greybeards trial......
  20. Bill Moore (Elvis), Dave Mairs Dad, Kevin Aylett, John Rumbold, Lisa Jones, Gerad Horan,
  21. Not all Sherpa's have the same timing... What is your engine number ?
  22. Barcelona Indoor Trial...... Any one going ? Team Stand On It will be there supporting There man Alex (NICE)
  23. Observers also had a special stop watch for French riders on section 15...
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