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  1. another news story from http://www.expansion...1338922028.html Gas and Gas Ossa inician its merger to create the Catalan giant's trial First Integration between manufacturers Catalan motorcycle. Gas Gas Factory and Ossa alcanzado have a preliminary agreement to create fusionarse and world leader of trial. Nor conocedoras explicaron yesterday that negotiations for the AMBA companies have agreed that after its Integration Ossa take you months looking for a new investor in the Company's financial muscle Diers. The first step in the procedure Integration tuvo place the past March, when Gas Gas, Rieju and Ossa sealed a Partnership build a new model of motor scooters and motorcycles compatible with trial and enduro (see Catalonia EXPANSIÓN the past 15 March) . Now, you are two of the three companies have decided to take a few steps more and to become a group with a capacity of manufacturing 11,000 motorcycles a year and affords Sales conjuntas that affords them Roza 50 million. The sources consultadas explicaron that the agreement was in the line "the sinergias ya iniciadas to build a new engine and inside a Project of Puesta value in the sector that is siendo Catalan motorcycle driven by the Directorate General of Industry Government ". "In those of later months, they have a series of producido deslocalizaciones dejado have the bone of the two Catalan WHEELED VEHICLES very battered, and resucitarlo We want them protagonistas Manufacturers Catalan They must be them," the añadieron mismas Springs. Redeem stock For now, have not cemented the details of the integrations, that fear will pass them current probablemente accionistas Ossa tomen of minority stakes in a Gas Gas. 73% of the latter company today is in hands of Vector Capital, the Society of capital RISK Caixa Penedès. Gas Gas bill for 39.5 million euros in its latest fiscal PERFORMANCE, culminating in July 2011. Achievement of an operational benefit of 1.1 million euros. Gas Gas controls 40% of the global market trial bikes, with an unas Production of the 5000 units last year. It also affords manufactures 4000 motorcycle endurance. For its part, Ossa boasts a staff of 40 employees and manufactures the 1250 units last year, with magnificent Sales of five million euros. Months ago that the new investor looking for a company that supplies liquidity to negotiate, after that of its main partner, the employer Cuxart George, Viera is forced to quit the company behind the insolvency of Info-Cobra, a firm specializing in attending auctions the judicial administrator was unique and presented to creditors in Girona contest with a passive to more than 30 million euros. The principal accionistas of Ossa, a historic brand trial of the years seventy recovered in 2008, are John Gurt, and John Alexander Plaza Rome. It is also outlined by the Project resultante industrial company of the merger. Gas Gas count on the productive capacity Necessary to assume the erotic charge of Ossa in its facilities in Salt (Girona), but also could buscarse a new location. Months ago that the Government seeks a buyer for the Derby plant in Martorell (Vallès Oriental), although there ya an APPLICANT: Swiss holding the hump Jacaré. "There is no official Conversations on this line, all the options are open", the señalaron mismas Springs.
  2. translated from news site http://www.ara.cat/e..._713928690.html Gas and Gas Ossa allied to the great group of Catalan mountain bike Manufacturers have already unified purchases from suppliers, to develop a new medium that versionarà motorcycle enduro for both brands in 2013 ELENA FREIXA Barcelona | Updated on 06/06/2012 10:22 Catalan manufacturers of motorcycles mountain Ossa and Gas Gas have launched a partnership to become a large group of motorcycle trial 'made in Catalonia. The two companies will collaborate on developing models, extending the range of segments and take advantage of the Ossa Gas Gas distribution network, which has a higher dimension. The preliminary agreement, which has advanced on Wednesday the newspaper 'Expansion', is to go closer ties in the coming years and, in the medium term could end with the merger of both companies Girona. Currently, manufacturers do not speak a total integration, but the collaboration to be more competitive abroad. The operation will multiply the productive capacity and to foster international growth, according to the ARA director of Ossa, John Gurt. He explained that in recent months has been set up joint purchasing of components between the two manufacturers. Ossa, in fact, had planned to build a new plant in Girona the coming years, but now you can make to the facilities of Gas Gas, who have the capacity to manufacture 30,000 units and now makes about 9,000 a year . The first tangible result of this alliance will be a new motorcycle endurance that will be released in 2013. The jointly develop the next few months both manufacturers and end up taking place, with modifications, for the two brands in the Gas Gas factory in Salt. In Figueres, home of Ossa, it will mount the other two models of the brand, although Gurt said that if agreement could end up being advanced as a center of engineering and R & D. The alliance between the two Catalan companies has come through conversations that favored when the Government released the latest line of credit to industry and a plan to ensure the future of the industry at a time when major international manufacturers ( Yamaha, Honda and Derby) have left or are on the way to stop producing motorcycles in Catalonia. "If we want to grow and be competitive and strong, the union can give us many opportunities," said the director of the NOW Ossa. In fact, the mark of Figueres, will benefit from the Gas Gas distribution network and can expand production capacity. "If before 2000 could accept orders, we can now produce 5,000 or 6000," he calculated. In 2011, manufactured 9000 Gas Gas trial bikes and enduro and the turnover was 40 million. The company is owned by Vector Capital, a venture capital company Caixa Penedès. Ossa was revived in the hands of three partners and shareholders in Figueres in 2008 and last year produced some 1,300 units of its two models of trial and Alpine. The turnover exceeds five million annually.
  3. Now second in the points JF seems to be liking his switch back to Beta. Is he the new #2 ?
  4. for artie


    Honda owns Montesa....................At last count Honda had factories in over 23 countries around the world. The factory in Spain is called Montesa-Honda. Just because someone "works for Honda" doesn't mean they know everything that goes on within the company. With a company that big, probably few do.
  5. No one here knows the cost of Bou's bike. Any numbers given are pure speculation.. The main differences are HRC motor 300cc, Factory Showa suspension and weight. Lots of titanium and magnesium bring it down the the FIM minumum for WTC. None of the factory boys ride standard bikes. Its just that some factory teams provide their riders with better equipment than others. Enjoy your bike and tell the critics to stuff it!
  6. It is rare for the bottom "heim joint" bearing to fail. Check the bolts or the holes on the triangle plates to see if the have ovaled out. Did you replace the bearing on the swing arm where the linkage connects?
  7. It could be the fuel pump. I just went through this with a friend. we swapped tanks and it fired 2nd kick.
  8. From what describe, your front brake needs to be rebuilt. Either the master cylinder seals are gone or the calipers are leaking. Or you are low on fluid.....It is a Grimeca? I would get it working correctly before I spent any money on a Nissin.
  9. for artie

    New 315 Owner

    Check the 10th digit of the VIN number 1997 = V 1998 = W 1999 = X
  10. for artie

    montesa 315R help

    the 2004 was the best. all the 315's had an HRC designed engine.
  11. for artie

    Cota 247 - 1969

    Beautiful bike Greeves! all original parts are there. it will make a beautiful restoration. I have the same bike...I think it is a 1971 mk2. what is the frame number?
  12. Most trials riders ignore suspension until it leaks. The fork springs don't really "give out" unless it suffered some serious abuse in its previous life, the oil change and proper adjustment is all it needs. If as you say it "barely moves" then something it not right. You say the forks "bottom easy" and then you say it takes a "ton of knees" to make it hop. These statements seem contradict each other. Where are your settings? Back to standard? A rebuild on the rear shock it a good idea. Fresh oil and a recharge will breath new life into it.
  13. for artie

    315 side cases

    Don't know if it is available in Braveheartland but here in the US we use Rust-oleum Professionsl High Performance Enamel #7519 Stainless Steel color available at your local hardware store in an aerosol spray can and the color is very close to the stock Montesa silver. Rust-Oleum UK
  14. Nice bike..enjoy. Where do you ride the Boogie Board? What is the water temp there?
  15. I'm with Tim on this one. It doesn't look like Rob Edwards and these are all Bultaco riders.
  16. for artie

    SWM photo quiz

    On the left JM Pibernat co founder of Gas Gas on the Right ???
  17. Please don't judge all American trials riders based on the comments of one. There are many well informed and experienced people in North America able to discuss the sport from all perspectives.
  18. Wow what a group. Only know half. F Row L to R: Schreiber, ?, Ignacio Bulto,?, Toni Elias Sr ,?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Marcel Weirtz, Manuel Soler, Narcis Casas. Back Row: ?, ?, Pedro Taule, Javier Cucurella, Alan Lampkin, ?, ?, Martin Lampkin, ?, ?, ?, Charles Coutard, Vesty, Thorpe, Fernando Munoz
  19. To summarize: if its old it must be worthless.
  20. Montesa is owned by Honda. Gas Gas is not owned by Yamaha. Why doesn't Gas Gas use their own 450 in Dakar?
  21. All true. Yes, the other brands works bikes are closer to production and yes the 4RT is not perfect and had a kickstart recall. No argument here. I see nothing wrong with "works" bikes. What I am ranting about is the endless anti-Montesa carping that comes from the Gas Gas camp here in the US. It starts at the top and goes down. Its ugly and negative. As for understanding this debate ....How many No Stop trials have you ridden? Have you ridden the SSDT? There is much value in what these experienced men have said here. There is a similar argument in Motocross VS Supercross. Many riders and fans prefer outdoor, grass roots, natural MX and some like Supercross. Am I a Flintstone because I want to see the Ryans duke it out on a natural track like Unadilla? No that is the "core" of the sport and moto people have embraced the roots of their sport.
  22. Well said Woody. That is where the problem begins. A hopping section full of little boxes can only be enjoyed by a rider with those skills, but a no stop section can be enjoyed by all.
  23. Yes, like THIS FAKE official Gas Gas factory entry in the Dakar....it's a Yamaha with Gas Gas stickers on it!!! Sorry, I don't mean to hijack the thread but here in the US these jackholes are always bagging on the Montesa. They create a lot of negativity in our sport. Now to be fair I'll say something about No Stop.....the most important factor in our sport needs to be FUN....make the sections fun to ride and marked simply and get rid of the little boxes and "rat mazes"
  24. Right ......and Cabby never used Showa forks and Raga never used a Showa shock and they never used DID rims on their works bikes all the while they were selling the customers bikes fitted inferior components. They all ride works bikes = not standard. Why did this No Stop debate turn into a Honda slagging contest. The people that have 4 RTs are happy. Quit trying to tell them they should be unhappy. If you want to demand some thing from the factories that will benefit the sport ask them for improved quality.
  25. The OSET will save the sport.
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