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  1. hi all, im using khein carb and its as of later when i rev bike as the revs come down it seems to not settle straight down near bottom of power almost like a tickover then settles. I have cleaned carb out thoroughly, checked all parts are cleaned and installed correctly but still not right. I have done this cleaning method five times now. Any ideas folks?
  2. What a total and utterly stupid comment. Like gizza says do you think a man at the top of his sport wants to miss out on riding his new machine in front of probably the most enthusiastic, best attended event in indoor trials.
  3. Hi, I sold my 2010 280 cc gasser was a right handfull, snappy power, not smooth, hard to get grip smoothly in muddy conditions and in summmer when bone dry you gotta treat it with respect. I rode the recent test day on all of them and found the 300 nice and grippy but still very strong engine. The 250 was a dream, usable power and unless your an expert rider forget the bigger models, it wont make you better in my experience. So happy with the 250 now. Oh yeah im an intermediate so gives u some idea. Good luck what ever you choose.
  4. Hells bells not christmas bells for you boys. Its certainly doom and gloom with you. Chill out its christmas, enjoy it, embrace it then refelct on it. Posativity not negativity. Yeah its a fact we as a nation are having problems. We didnt complain when bikes were so cheap did we? New one every year for many i rememeber those days. Good times. Merry Christmas to you all.
  5. sectiononecleaner

    New Ossa

    Fantastic news the ossa is going into production. I have watched this with much interest and it seems alot of money has been pumped into this project. As trials fans supporting this new venture and having the opportunity to add another choice to our bike selection process each year is much welcomed. I hope people give it a chance. Should it live up to expectation i could be in the frame for an new ossa I note TC comments previous opportunies to show the bike was not taken. Its worth the wait i think. Regarding weight im sure bits can be added to meet regulations no problem. Whos planned to ride them in 2011 WTC? Now excited to see one if flesh.
  6. Dude i got one and dont like it. Big mistake. Very snappy bike it has a mind of its own. Go for 250 thats what im looking at or maybe 300 as smoother.
  7. Made a big difference when i took mine out. Love the pretty diagram Gizza, you must have some time on ya hands, lol. East yorkshire 2 day roll on
  8. ha ha yeah silly me. Well done for the correction boyz.
  9. i used touse castrol 747 also but in my motorcross bike, i was told for this it was not needed. I ask why and it is suited ideally to 125cc road racing bikes or contsant revving bikes. I suppose motorcross bikes rev more consistently higher than trials bikes so really shouldnt be needed. Also it can clog up i hear. I guess you should see what the top boys are using. I know for sure one WTC rider doesnt use it but as for the likes of bou it would be interesting to know if thats what makes you tick. Must admit it smells nice, but does it keep your feet on the pegs????
  10. I have both, i ride both and love both all for different reasons, and i reckon its totally up to the indivual rider in terms of his abilty, maintainace requirements, fun factor, COST. Have a go on as many as possible, dont be swayed by people telling you two strokes are better or four strokes are better. Have a go, its that simple. Once things for sure, you got a good choice out there. Perhaps ring up the importers and ask why you should buy one of their bikes. Good luck in your bike search.
  11. Is this confirmed andy???? Is there a press release????
  12. Will montesa still be in WTC ? If not Bou for sure i reckon will go. Does anyone know just who is behind OSSA management is it a consortium or individual investment. My point being is if there's money there then bou will im sure be lured by the big bucks. Mind you im sure he does very well from MR miagi or what ever he called at honda. Bike looks good and is great to see another option for us trials riders in 2011
  13. Good points guys and you only have to look at a certain football match the other day and understand sometime the observer/ref gets it wrong lol.
  14. i think what G2F Do for trials is outstanding and it cannot be taken away from them the effort put in to stage a world round. You have an option either go or dont. First and foremost people will vote with there feet. Would love to know jakes opinions after the event on attendance/running of the event because theres no doubt the venue is spot on, and bottom line is G2F is a well known business so i dont think jakes gone into this light hearted. Yes its got fantastic scenery, great infrastructure to hold an event. Im not going and i will happily say my reason is when i can jump on a plane 1 hour from my home and travel to a european round only a couple of hours away and have a foreign break (Trip away from the wife lol) its quicker for me than drivin to scotland and not much shorter than going abroad. Good luck jake and for been so passionate about the sport to hold an event and hope you have every success with the event.
  15. I have ridden it mint event, we had great weather, i rode as didnt want to ride six days in scotland so two days worked well for me. I know Si Kershaw riding but im sure if you ring organiser who is a cracking bloke to talk to he will let you know who riding from north yorkshire
  16. i was riding at Low north camp scarborough other week and some bloke approached us saying he had his bike pinched from hull area, was asking anyone to keep an eye out. He said it was a sherco so hope its not this bike. Yeah totally agree what a knob. Obviously not working in marketing.
  17. hey you american guys just been in LA and New york for 3 weeks not a trials bike in sight, going back this summer and would love to meet up with some fellow riders. Been in north yorkshire, england we are spoilt. Saw some really good sections mind, all natural. Problem is they were all in central park
  18. i just come back from been stranded in states today over a week delayed and i can assure you in new york / LA not a sighting. Forget it enjoy your time there.
  19. I was thinking the same dabster. I can totally see your point of view tricky but to call it a circus im not sure what animals or clowns are supposed be performing. We gotta accept bou is miles apart and perhaps in a year or so we may have a new amazing talent who will challenge him and once again spectator interest will jump. Im really excited over whether our top brit dibs can challenge raga or can jeroni take second spot, not whether a section is more to my liking or it should be this should be that. Do you analise the corners and the straights in F1. No you dont. So fingers crossed for an exciting season.
  20. which is why my interest is in who's finishing second this year, maybe next year and the year after that, but this is how it is and we have to accept that organising clubs have this man bou as a major headache when laying out a section due to his amazing abilities. Imagine you set out a trial section for WTC and you plot for majority knowing you expect a dab or two, then you think bou will take the mickey on it. WHAT DO YOU DO? Naturally you think lets make it harder to take marks off him which then makes the majority field struggle to keep feet up? Thats gotta be a hard decision for anyone to make for sure is it not? Imagine this and im not even sure what i would do, but do you go to a world round to see the top rider clear what others have failed and go away a happy spectator knowing the world champion is amazing etc? Or do you go to a round that has toni bou spend the entire championship drop only a few marks all year as the trial is setout for the rest of field but are more entertained by seeing more riders get through sections ? I m really not sure what i would do and to be honest i just wanna watch trials and enjoy whats put in front of me and thats what i do. The fans will vote with there feet so if the gates are big then the FIM are doing something right are they? lookin at last trial scores from WTC i suspect toni bou actually enjoyed it havin a big challenge im not sure does anyone? Rest of field im not sure. Its a really difficult one and everyone has there views which is great.
  21. Why oh why do we have to make everything easy, why do we have to look back to the 80's as a measure of what we should be doing in 2010 ?. That was then, this is now. Bikes have moved on, riders have gotten fitter, stronger. Tv has gotten involved which requires a dynamic/exciting approach to maintain viewers. Riding up a straight hillclimb would certainly not do it for me. Is it not the organising clubs through national and international delegation that set these trials up according to what riders want/can achieve. Perhpaps the manufactures have made bikes too good for us all. Come on guys this is modern day trials, its a science now in terms of physical fitness and riding style. Gone are the days of traditional riding at international level. Trick riding on light bikes are here to stay so we gotta put up with that whether we like it or not. If i was given a heavy bike a traditional sections i would ride them and enjoy the for sure, but thats not what im given. Just enjoy your sport for what is i today not what it should be like from 30 years go.
  22. Who's claiming its ok? Factually 1st round event was organised very well. Weather played havoc full stop. its very harsh to compare any other event as each is unique to both its land, course setters and of course the weather. And as for holding the trial in august it would have been spot on, having some understanding of the ground at low north camp the sections were right. Perhaps the trial was too hard for you tricky i dont know ? Also maybe in august also be too hard because i never heard of you, so not sure.
  23. did pune ride every section and five it or did he retire at some point and the scorecard shows fives on every section ? I would be very surprised if that was the case. Furthermore this year i forget toni bou is ridin cause the guy is in a class of his own similar to shuewy in f1 a few years back. Todays result just goes to show that. Im more interested in the battle for 2nd, 3rd and 4th. I know this is an ongoing discussion and perhaps by making the sections easier would allow other riders to come through. Not wanting to open up a can of worms everyone knows something needs to change but whatever you change, contoversy will follow.
  24. prob is an 07 but bikes come out as early as october previous year so prob registered then. Ring the importer with you details and he will tell you instant. As for the bearings pretty straight forward, tap out either side i use a bar to start one side of from the inside then tap that out, then turn wheel over and its now easy to tap other out. Replace new bearings by tapping evently all way round as bearing goes in. You might find a socket set a good tool as when placed over bearing presuming you match the socket size to the bearing its even easier. Jobs a good un.
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