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  1. Chewy, Try ignition on, full throttle, then pump the foot brake three times (maybe more though) that should reset it. Try it while driving along for added danger!
  2. I use Putoline Chain Wax, well something similar. Still got a couple of tins of it from the 70s.
  3. Bosal do not list a normal towbar for this car neither do Witter. However I don't think the Leon changed from 2009 to 2010 and Towequipe list a standard flange type towbar for the 2009 year. Give them a call and they might be able to help.
  4. I think it was about
  5. Normal DOT 4 brake fluid will be fine in the Sherco.
  6. I use normal plain (non ring) chains which then get taken off and boiled in chain wax.
  7. Doblo cargo 1.9 JTD Load Length (mm): 1680 Load Width Max (mm): 1470 Wheelbase(mm): 3200 Load Height (mm): 1305 Overall Lenth(mm): 4253 Loading Height(mm): 1231 Overall Width(mm): 1722 Rear Door Width(mm): 1245 Overall Height(mm): 1831 Rear Door Height (mm): 1680
  8. My M91 Sherpa is the same. With the triangle box on the rear it was hard to start and was "fluffy" on throttle. Removed it, all is well.
  9. Well done to all involved. community spirit across oceans!
  10. The inner surface is an integral part of the hub. They came from the factory with a chrome plate layer on them which wears out and becomes pitted. The hubs can be relined (Bultaco UK do this service
  11. There is one on eBay at the moment Item number 140375409532
  12. Its not a bad price for the blast and coating. Just make sure you take everything with you, last time I forgot to take my rear brake pedal so had that done later on. I didn't remove the outer bushes for the powdercoating as I would have probably mangled them when bashing them out with a drift.
  13. My owners manual says 3/16th diameter, 22 of them in each race. I buy them in bags of 50 from an online bearing supplier at
  14. It is possible, on the '03 the bottom clamp is part of the casting of the top yoke. Couple of solutions:- [*]Universal mounts to bolt onto these to add a new set of mounts for the FatBars. Fitting these does add 3/4" to 1" of rise to the bars. [*]New Sherco top yoke - 1999/2000 (Part number R087, Bottom Clamps R072 and Top Clamp R073)and 2007 (Part number 1398, Bottom Clamps 1396 and Top Clamp 1395) on have removable bottom clamps (99/00
  15. Feetupfun, there should be a circlip at the top of the fork leg after the 2nd seal, all the Bultaco forks I have stripped so far have had one.