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  1. Hello from a Sherpa owner

    Clarkee, Good luck with the restoration. It looks in better condition than mine did when I bought it so do not be put off. Original IRZ carb fitted. Good carb when new but wear out easily and spare parts are like hens teeth. The fork top yoke is not original, not unusual as the original part was weak and easily broke. Several companies’s made these replacement parts. Original handlebars were steel with welded on levers. Back in the day owners had a habit of cutting away the left hand case to help clear mud from the chain rear sprocket area. Yours has not been done which is in my opinion is a result. What is your plan, show bike or to be ridden? These 4 speed bikes are fun to ride but have to be rev'd quite hard compared to the later bikes. I think from memory max power is quoted at 8500rpm for the M10 where as a 1971 model 80 is 5500. I have both these models and they are quite different to ride. I had a later model 10 a few years ago which I rode but sold to fund another project. I missed the bike so jumped at a chance to buy an early version project when it came up for sale. However I must confess that I was halfway through restoring this when I bought a car project so it has been relegated to under the bench for the last 4 years unfinished. I have just returned home from watching the SSDT where a M10 same as yours was displayed in a Fort William shop window for the duration of the Trial. Seeing this bike in the window has fired me up to get mine out and finished. The early model 10 (1965) and the later (1966) models are basically similar with the main unseen difference being a different length swinging arm changed to improve grip and the early bikes have a more rounded fuel tank and different steering lock arrangement. Stuart
  2. Five or not?

    It is the front wheel spindle in the UK as well. Stuart
  3. SSDT 2018 Charity Team

    Reading my comment again I come over as a bit negative. I did not mean this. Good luck to them. I was not going to donate to the cause as I currently support the Essex Air Ambulance but I guess I had better do so now. It just surprised me that it was a relay. You learn more about the event every year. I will be riding about in support of my son (Army team, Rider no 6) so if any one spots a Blue Bultaco Frontera (1978 S reg) parked up at sections/lunch stop please come and have a chat. Stuart
  4. SSDT 2018 Charity Team

    The just giving site has the following:- "We are lucky enough to be competing in this years Scottish Six Days Trial (the worlds longest motorcycle trials event) together as part of a relay charity team.This means we are riding as a relay team, only one rider can ride each day, and we are teaming up as brothers to tackle one of the worlds toughest trials competitions." Is this correct that they are letting relay teams compete? I appreciate a good cause but.............................. Stuart. (I will be in Scotland supporting my son who is riding as a member of the Army team)
  5. Rear brake plate

    Why not just a strip of 16swg or 1.6mm steel with two holes drilled. This would be far stronger than welded washers. Easy for me to say that as I have access to a workshop full of off cut sheet steel. (stored behind the laser cutter..........now thats an idea) Stuart
  6. What Did You Do To Your Bultaco Today?

    I am getting near finishing the restoration of my M188 Alpina. One issue that has been causing me issues is the brake stop light switch. The switch is of an unusal design and exact replacments can not be found. The original switch is held in a normaly closed condition by a tag on the brake pedal and switches to normaly open when the pedal is depressed. I could just fit a more modern part but this would not be my style and most work the other way arond with regard to N/O N/C so would need some rework or wiring change. I have two original switches and both were corroded inside and not working. Both are 40 years old so I will not compalin to FEMSA about quality. They have a plastic housing part that both broke when trying to take the switches apart as they are not designed for disassembly. I have in the past tried gluing similar plastic parts but not had any success. So after all this waffle " What did you do to your Bultaco today?" I 3D modelled the broken plastic part and 3D printed replacements in ABS plastic. The picture shows all the parts of the two switches layed out ready for reassembly. I am using copper rivits to replace the contacts that I had to drill out. I have also lost the saddle that fits the handle bars for the light switch so I will print a replacment part next. Stuart
  7. Sherpa 199a tank change

    I see that you are from the states so your gallons are smaller than ours over here in the UK. So best to quote metric. My Bultaco book lists the late Alpina tank at 8.5lt. I bought an Alloy Alpina tank for my M188 (listed as Sherpa) of ebay from India last year and am very happy with it. We have to much ethenol in our UK fuel now which destroys the fibreglass tanks. US Gallon 3.78lt UK Imperial Gallon 4.52lt The Alpina tank is different at the rear where the seat aligns so you might have some issues with the seat. Stuart
  8. i tried to send you a PM but it says you can't receive messages  

  9. Pursang 370 stancions

    Paddy, I have been up the shed and dug out the forks. They are not perfect but would repair a lot easier than the ones on your bike. I aquired these as a job lot of parts when I rebuilding my M215 Frontera. I have tried to show the rust but the flash is making them look slightly better than actualy are and it is currently chuking down with rain outside so this is the best available photo's at the moment. I have no use of them so yours for postage and package costs. Let me know if you require them. Complete forks or just the stanchions, let me know what you require. PM me your address and I will sort out a cost. Stuart
  10. Pursang 370 stancions

    I think I have some in my shed. Probabably not perfect but better than what you have got. I will dig them out over the week end and send you a photograph showing condition. Stuart
  11. sherpa Cylinder rebore services

    Another suggestion might be worth a try. https://www.pjme.co.uk/ Stuart
  12. Hello Newbie Here :) Advice Needed

    The inmotion 520 Regina Gold is fine. It is a Trials bike not a fire breathing crosser. Chain wear is more about the riding conditions in mud, sand water etc. The expensive chains chains wear out just as quick. I do not spend more than I need to and replace as required. Not sure how many links you require. Last time I counted the links on a Bultaco chain was years ago. I just buy the chain from Inmotion which is supplied slightly longer than required. Assembly over sprockets and remove links as required until it fits. Stuart
  13. Sherpa Brake Springs

    When fitting these please be aware that the end that goes over the brake plate is in affect loose. I have seen these in affect hooked round the the axle bolt and then clamped up tight. This is wrong and will damage the brake plate. I always unclip the arm end when fitting the wheels. Clamp up the axle bolt. then re-clip the arm end. The other end then rotates against the brake plate but this is not clamped in any way. Stuart
  14. bent kickstart shaft

    My advice. Do not try and take short cuts you will regret it. Split the engine and do it properly. Stuart
  15. clutch spring tool

    When I did my first Bultaco engine rebuild in approximately 1977 we did not have the special tool. My Dad compressed the clutch spring and cup with two screw drivers and I removed/inserted the pins with long nose pliers. It was many years before I got round to buying the tool. If I remember right this method involved a lot of swearing. Stuart