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  1. I'm taking my fork tubes apart so I can send them to be rechromed as its peeling off I have got them dis assembled, I've got the damper rod out, but in the fork tube there is an aluminium bush and also what looks like a washer retained at the bottom of the fork tube. How do you get this out as obviously this cant stay in for rechroming. Thanks..
  2. I don't like the swining arm design, it will fill up with mud and will also cut a hole in your boots potentially.
  3. Cheers, shame as it was a great site.
  4. Anyone know why this site has stopped being updated? It was a great resource.
  5. eddie_lejeune

    18 GG?

    So is the 2017 model 2016 then?
  6. eddie_lejeune

    Ossa Future

    scorpa used the exhaust as a sub frame in 2006
  7. eddie_lejeune

    Trs Bike Unveiled

    would a world round rider not be more of a priority than a btc rider
  8. Ice Hell is a stupid name for a motorbike as is combat.
  9. Official riders ARNAU FARRE (Spain) MATTEO GRATTAROLA (Italy) MICHAEL BROWN (UK) FRANZI KADLEC (Germany) JACK PRICE (UK) JACK PEACE (UK) so are these boys all riding the big line in the world championship?
  10. eddie_lejeune

    Ossa Future

    electric bike will never be the same until they develop a proper clutch and not an on and off switch
  11. why go to an outdoor world round to watch indoor sections. Better just going to Sheffield Waste of time.
  12. i always used renthal mediums on all my bikes. One of the first things when I bought a new bike was put renthal mediums on. The soft compound are great but last no time at all The hard ones are great also but are too harsh on your gloves The medium ones last a couple of seasons no sweat.
  13. good job, love seeing pics of bikes getting a before and after
  14. eddie_lejeune

    Ossa Future

    The first Ossa I seen, the sound reminded me of a TY175 and it had about the same power with a gear box made out of plastic. It was an innovative design, just a shame that the funds weren't there to see it through. I would never have bought one because personally, because for me first impressions of something leave a lasting impression which may be short sighted but its how I am,
  15. WLF = Long Live Pussy, I don't know if he is gay or not?
  16. eddie_lejeune

    Ossa Future

    People don't like posts that are just plain facts, why is that?
  17. eddie_lejeune

    Ossa Future

    sure it was designed by xirudi - an outside contractor and not an internal ossa design team
  18. Thats how I always wash bikes, cork in the exhaust and a bit of kitchen roll over the air filter.
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