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  1. It will be the thermostat Good idea to cable tie a bridging wire to the plug under the seat just in case it fails again in the middle of nowhere
  2. Beta evo 250 ideal all rounder and ideal for easy resale if you decide to upgrade
  3. When I’m out my evo my wife tells me I stink of s- - -e as well
  4. Fork legs all normal and your rear wheel is tubeless so get that tube out and sort the sealing tape
  5. Some people put a new set of mains in and class that as a rebuild need to find out the extent of it all first
  6. Pretty sure a rev 3 one won’t be far away
  7. Use an automotive plastic bumper repair kit it comes as two part and mixes through the nozzle as long as the job is clean it will give you a good permanent repair
  8. Just prime it with a cellulose etch primer and top coat it with 2k
  9. Don’t carry anything leave everything in the car then hide the car key that way you can’t drop it and lose it
  10. My 19 evo done it from brand new as does my Fantic so did my vfr800 and I’ve now got a Yamaha tracer that also does it so I wouldn’t give it another thought and get on with enjoy riding it
  11. Nice retro trailer that did you make it out of your old bath
  12. Petrol as good as any leave it to dry for 10 mins and re oil
  13. Just bite the bullet and buy a cheaper set of trial boots there just over £100 you won’t regret it
  14. I’ve always used the cheapo Chinese ones and they’ve always been fine
  15. Whip them out and get the numbers off them and order a set from your supplier
  16. Leave it alone if it’s quiet and running fine there not like mx bikes that need regular rebuilds
  17. Give it a wee whiz with an impact gun to loosen or tighten but go easy as it’s just alloy
  18. Look at the portion of thread that’s sticking through the nut and see how it’s cut and you’ll be able to work it out from there
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