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  1. Beta 240

    I asked because the TR32 and TR34 'stripey' monos were available with either a 240 or a 260 engine.
  2. Beta 240

    What era? Twinshock or early mono? I'm guessing you've tried John Lampkin; what about Steve Goode? He used used to be good (no pun intended) for early Beta spares.
  3. Beta 125 evo any good?

    In recent years, the Beta seems to have been the most popular 125. I've had a 125 Beta in the past and compared to other 125s it had more bottom & mid-range power. If you look at the 2017 A class standings, the top 3 & 6 of the top 10, all rode Beta, so they must be doing something right.
  4. It will be 4 weeks since his injury, at the time of which the press release said he was unlikely to return within 3 weeks. That time has now passed, so he may ride, but I hope the decision is made on the basis of his long term health.
  5. There’s a crowdfunding opportunity if ever there was one!
  6. TRS 125 riding impressions?

    That's interesting. Maybe they haven't been able to develop is as quickly as they thought they would. Still, I think its preferable that they develop the technology on factory bikes, rather than customer bikes.
  7. TRS 125 riding impressions?

    When TRS announced their 125, it was reported to have a power valve fitted to the engine. Has anyone on here had experience of riding one yet? I'm intrigued to know if TRS have managed to produce an engine that is more flexible than a typical 125, or if it has turned out to be too sharp for trials use?
  8. Queuing at Sections.

    and more land, which is in equally short supply.

    The replacement housings that you can buy are aluminium.
  10. Ktm Trial Bike

    is this it? They've been not moving forward with this one for about four decades.
  11. Why are Spanish riders so good? And other chit chat

    This is an interesting point, I've generally been of the view that restricting youths to a 125 so they learn to get the most from a bike, rather than be dragged around by a 250, is a good idea if you're going to be riding big sections in the future and need to squeeze the maximum out a 300cc engine. However, I do wonder if what is good for the majority does hold back the elite riders. I think I'm right in saying that the five riders who have dominated world trials for the last decade were all riding 250+ bikes in the world championship class at around the age that today's youths are still restricted to a 125. Certainly a good result for Gelabert at Sheffield, well done to him. Let's hope he is another who can step up to challenge the established top five. Regarding the week in week out competition and practicing with the best in the world: I completely agree, success breeds success and we see it in all sports and indeed other walks of life.
  12. Why are Spanish riders so good? And other chit chat

    @faussy In 2017 Trial GP, Gelabert, Farre & Price finished 11th, 12th & 13th in that order, so are they really as far apart as you suggest? A compounding question and rather damning fact, is why only one rider in the last decade, of any nationality, (Jamie Busto) has been able to break into the worlds top five.
  13. Why isn’t everyone riding Jotagas??

    Well good luck to them, but honestly do you expect them to announce their status as importer by sounding pessimistic about the viability of the company, uncertain about the owner's commitment to his importers and unsure about continuity of supply for bikes & spares? Why will they succeed where Steve Saunders & Haven have failed?
  14. Cabestany to Beta

    There is a hint here in Malc Rathmell's press release when Sherco signed Jack Sheppard "Sherco and I have spoken long and hard about trials and we feel the time is now right to go back to basics, trials at grass roots. We want to concentrate on national championships, classic trials, nationals and centre/club events." I guess they'll have Gelabert in the WTC, Emma Bristow iin the Ladies WTC and that's it. As for Cabestany, I wonder if we'll see him in the WTC?
  15. Is trials a motor sport?

    @petorius I am in the UK and I have had to do the same (on an employer's policy) and have answered 'yes' to this question. My rationale is that disclosure is the best policy, otherwise you risk a claim being denied in the unfortunate event that you did suffer a trials related injury.