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  1. Is it possible that Gas Gas succeed in signing Busto & thus don't sign Fajardo?
  2. I think that's fair enough if he rides in GB, but what if he chooses not to ride British championship or Scottish.
  3. I believe he'll be on a Montesa.
  4. The fact of the matter is that Dabill has never finished better than sixth in the world. Fajardo hasn't been out of the top 5 in the last decade. Who would you choose to represent you in Trial GP?
  5. A Spanish site reports that Busto has apparently acknowledged that he is talking to both Gas Gas and Montesa but has not yet signed a contract for 2018.
  6. It comes to something when the off season transfer market is more intriguing than the Trial GP results!
  7. That'll be the 72Kg 300RRs that really weigh 76.5Kg..... All trials manufacturers understate their weights, it's just that Montesa fib a bit more than the others.
  8. Isn't a little early to conclude that?
  9. Where has this rumour arisen from? Toby must be one of the favourites for the Trial 2 championship in 2018. the SPEA guys riding 300RR Monts were 2nd & 3rd in the 2017 championship, so I think the bikes are up to it if the rider is.
  10. If they want to be getting on the Trial GP podium and let's face it, if they go to the expense of having a factory truck and support at each round, then that needs to be their target (& every other teams) then I don't see they have many options. The Montesa boys aren't going anywhere. Maybe there's a slim chance Busto could be tempted away to be a No. 1 rider, but I suspect he'll realise the support and probably salary, he gets in the Repsol team is second to none. Likewise Raga, he is in a Catalan team with his mentor Jordi Tarres, I expect him to see out his career at TRS. I read that Cabestany was retiring (if so, then Sherco are in the same situation as Beta). The way the Vertigo statement reads, suggests that Fajardo remains in the team and Casales is 'reinforcement'. Dabill I believe is one year into a two year Gas Gas deal. And after those, there is no other current rider that has been on the podium at Trial GP level. It suggests then that Beta will be looking for riders in the lower half of the world's top 10. However, a question they and others must ask themselves is, would they sell any less bikes if they were not in the world championship? What if they put in a strong national showing through each importer and prove themselves to be reliable and competitive in nationals, local events and the SSDT?
  11. No
  12. It is if you are in Northern Island
  13. A very grey area which as a mountain biker & trials rider concerns me. My understanding is that the electric mountain bikes are power assisted only when the rider pedals, i.e. they are not completely self-propelling like an electric motorbike. Given that the average man or women sees what we ride as 'scramblers' how are they meant to differentiate between two bikes fitted with knobbly tires and an electric motor? Glass half full, this opens up more land to access and apparently pollution free riding. Glass half empty, this potential loophole is abused and legitimate riders of both sports lose valuable land access rights.
  14. I believe so.
  15. Or the section design needs to reflect the rules which can then be applied properly.