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  1. No
  2. It is if you are in Northern Island
  3. A very grey area which as a mountain biker & trials rider concerns me. My understanding is that the electric mountain bikes are power assisted only when the rider pedals, i.e. they are not completely self-propelling like an electric motorbike. Given that the average man or women sees what we ride as 'scramblers' how are they meant to differentiate between two bikes fitted with knobbly tires and an electric motor? Glass half full, this opens up more land to access and apparently pollution free riding. Glass half empty, this potential loophole is abused and legitimate riders of both sports lose valuable land access rights.
  4. I believe so.
  5. Or the section design needs to reflect the rules which can then be applied properly.
  6. I'm with you, Andy. This is not good for trials. Ours has always been a friendly sport, but when all scoring and results are subjectively judged a culture of protests between competitors will be damagingnto a sport that is struggling to be viable at world level.
  7. The 2016 trial was 2 days of competition, this year it is 1 day of practice/autographs/qualifying/faffing about and 1 day of competition. That surely will reduce revenue from ticket sales.
  8. That looks like a sensible bit of kit. Can anyone share experience of using one?
  9. How could Jake Miller's organisation disqualify anyone for this when he used to carry a kicker around in his rucksack back in his minding days? 🤐
  10. That's not true Dan. Toni Bou was well known as a rising star from the age of 14 or 15, he'd be at Spanish world rounds and practicing with the top guys of the day. Doug Lampkin has told the story of seeing Bou around this time attempt stuff that Lampkin and the other top riders didn't fancy.
  11. James Dabill pulled out of the Scottish to prepare for the first world championship round in Spain. Presumably he thought the wonderful Scottish sunshine wouldn't prepare him for Spanish hailstorms!
  12. Doug Lampkin winning his 11th Scottish rightfully made all the headlines. He was however a firm favourite going into the week. I'd like to congratulate Tom Minta on a fabulous and dare I say, less widely predicted result. Best first timer, 5th overall and best under 200cc, Tom rode the Scottish on a 125. Hands up all those clubmen who still think they 'need' a 300!
  13. Option 3 then! Thanks for the quick reply Andy; shame about Harry, looks like Doug is down to his last four outriders
  14. I was watching the Nevis Radio parc ferme footage this morning on-line. Doug Lampkin appeared to have a massive rucksack, I also didn't see Harry Lampkin in the start queue, so I guess there are 3 possibilities: Harry is not riding, so Doug is carrying extra spares Harry is stowed away in Doug's rucksack Doug is attempting all six days unsupported so has set off with all his food & provisions on day one @andy I hope you are on the case, we need a photo inside that rucksack before the week is out!
  15. Avon's skin so soft works. I believe it is because of citronella in the formulation. It has been supplied to the Royal Marines for this very purpose.