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  1. Cleared out my messages now
  2. Have you got a link to the chap who sorts it?
  3. I think Emma Bristow does, for Sherco
  4. Cost £100 for an unregistered bike, probably less for a registered one TPFT
  5. Not letting a soul know you have one, for a start I back my Van right up to the garage door, open it and load the bike into the Van without being seen I rarely start it, at home I never leave the garage door open and never turn on the light when the door is open, only when shut I keep the bike under a sheet, in the garage ........... so it can't be seen I wash it right at the back of the house, on the rear patio and where it can't be seen by anyone (we have a rear wing to the house, so covered on 3 sides to the rear) Any Trials/Bike parts are sent to my Mum's sheltered housing in town, 6 miles bike stuff is posted to my house Think like a thief and keep schtum your main friend
  6. Grrrr, mine is too
  7. Sorry to hear that Offroad insurance with Carole Nash for unregistered bikes, for £100 or so Well worth it on a £4k+ 2017 value bike
  8. Bugger, that's not good
  9. Were you followed Were you followed home? Are you insured?
  10. So sorry to hear that, hope it's recovered Were you followed home (bike on trailer)? Did you have insurance, hopefully?
  11. It says Optional, so it'll be extra for the tuneable PTB
  12. Me too, never lube a chain on a trials bike...............a new 520 chain is only about £30 When the chain is goosed, chuck it away and buy another
  13. You could see it at the Scott yesterday, the 4RT's (carrying more weight) dropped into every nook and cranny, jamming the front wheel and stopping the rider - whereas the 2T's just were more 'manageable' in the sections..............if that's the correct phrase
  14. Ha You'll get shot
  15. Probably about right