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  1. Yep, almost non existent - you never see any 4RT's at a club trial nowadays, do you
  2. Mines a 250....but quoting the reg on loads of bikes - some obscure works for me all linked to. DVLA database
  3. No, but a tip that works for me is to just give them the bike's reg number when they ask the make & model That way they just punch the reg number in and hey presto they come up with whatever DVLA say it is and they say fine, without a problem Nowadays I never say it's a Raga/Majesty/ossa MAR thingymajig because you are talking to a call centre operator who hasn't a clue Give them a reg number and they can't argue
  4. Perhaps because some prefer a 4t, others because it's a Honda and there has always been a mystique with the Honda Trials story (over-egged maybe) Perhaps the fit and finish suits them, maybe some like the trinkets available I like mine, because it makes me smile sometimes
  5. That's what I do, switch off and just push the bike forward in the queue
  6. Which post 80 bikes are allowed?
  7. Cheers Steve, I reckon so I was thinking there wouldn't be much difference and now you have me thinking
  8. Probably innovative in mud
  9. Steve Saunders Schreiber was probably the first innovative rider in the 1970's
  10. Thanks, very interesting I have a 2007 Repsol (based on a 2005 bike) and I am very interested in your comments
  11. If you didn't get in, don't be too fed up.......................this bloke is really fed up - his bike will be on ebay soon
  12. Not a bad idea At some trials there are so many flags my head hurts
  13. Kinda sums it up
  14. More weight, for no gain though Electric start is unnecessary on a trials bike
  15. Apart from electric bikes, is there any more ways to develop the petrol bikes? We're at a minimum weight of some apart from a bit of tweaking and titivation, is there any further strides in Trials bike development that can be achieved and is this it? Seems a bit stuck at present and bikes haven't moved forwards at all over the last 10 years Comparing old Britshocks to the Spanish armada in the 60's and then Spanish and Jap Twinshock advances in the 70's, then the arrival of the revolutionary TY250 mono in the 80's and watercooling and disc brakes of the 90's, follwed by the lightening and better frame/suspension geometry of the early 2000's, nowt much has altered since 2005 onwards, has it? Is that it??