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  1. He was on a mission the other weekend at Santigosa, against GP Riders much younger and could have so easily come 2nd to Fuji, but an uncharacteristic 5 changed that
  2. Is that like Norfolk, with a Scottish accent?
  3. Thanks for your continued support of the sport of Trials
  4. You first then, we'll visit you in gaol
  5. Brilliant, this is the reason why and respect the landowners responsibilities too
  6. On foot only though, did you conveniently forget that Can I have the right to roam on foot.......... around your gaff I can't see why you are sticking up for illegal trials practising (without a landowner's permission) as it harms our Sport no end
  7. Well said Andy, using land without permission is illegal...................end of!!! Don't like it, suck it up and go spend £100k of your own money on a wood, to practice in
  8. Because some perceive IRC tyres to be softer and thus more grip - however all the top riders use Michelin so X11 must be ok
  9. So to play Devil's advocate, on that basis - your garden and all the land surrounding your house should have public access too? Land is land and a Scottish fell is the same as your garden - it belongs to someone
  10. You know where I am
  11. Yep i wouldn't ride a bike without one, so useful Got a Mitani one on the 4RT and it's fab - stable on any surface Modded my TYZ one so it's similar
  12. Lot of truth in that and still happens today
  13. I saw that earlier - poor Dougie At least he could laugh at himself All to play for today Fuji in lead on 5 Casales and Doug tied in 2nd, on 11 each (more clean rules) Hope Doug can turn up the wick on final day and finish 2nd to Fuji - Back to the HRC days
  14. Yet.....
  15. Glad you can logon to this thread