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  1. Front brake pulsates

    Floating disc, does it move on the bobbins?
  2. Where to Spectate - with my young lad!

    Look at routes, on a daily basis and all the info is in the excellent programme (which can be bought at parc ferme or shops on FW high street) I generally pick one in a morning, maybe one at lunch (if they are close together) and one at about 2-3pm Some days you can 3-4 sections in, other days maybe only one in morning and one in afternoon I usually park at least 0.5 to 1 mile away from a section and walk in, to avoid parking hassles..........however with a 5 year old this may not be possible, so get to a section early, park close and take something to amuse him, as you might have a wait for the bikes
  3. Snow

    UK has gone soft.........in the 1980's all our RWD cars were equipped with wheels and tyres, with snow chains - ready prepped for snow
  4. 4rt improvement underway. Any thoughts ?

    Who supplied your Ohlins and how much are they? Have a look at Banyeres and HD Racing for your exhausts - the Mitani are fab Both give excellent service
  5. Bluetooth ECU

    Within 5 years bluetooth ecu programming and tuning with efi will become commonplace on new Trials bikes
  6. Bluetooth ECU

    It's cheap, give the trials rider it if he wants it..... in time he'll be able to remotely start his bike from the comfort of his van/car and be ready to ride at a trial Pedal cycles have come a long way, now we have ebikes which the rider can 'tune' Why not trials bikes, if it makes the rider happy - he will buy it Who cares if the bloke in the next van beats him on his Pre65 Cub,.............mr modern will have enjoyed his 'trick' bike
  7. Bluetooth ECU

    Just like my electric mountain bike.............easy-peasy nowadays
  8. Bluetooth ECU

    It's not radical though, a bluetooth control to alter the bike's tuning parameter's I have a Specialized eMTB and I can control battery life,power curves,route mapping and the ability to come home with 10% battery power remaining on a set route, by an app on my phone, it also measures distance covered and speeds and if displayed, on the bars......... can give me turn by turn directions All done by bluetooth to control and motor and very smart it is too No reason why Trials bikes can't have fully smart phone app bluetooth controlled ecu's - without spending £100's on PTB on a Mont Should all be on there in the first place......... on bikes costing £5-6000
  9. Forum Upgrade

    works for me, just fine
  10. Throttle cable

    Go to Venhill and ask for a longer one - maybe 2-3"
  11. Beta back brake

    Will another brand fit, in terms of rear master cylinder and caliper? Brembo/AJP?
  12. Newer VW Caddy or Ford Connect ?

    Any glitches? Some Connect's seem to run fine and others have loads of stupid issues, like sensors
  13. Newer VW Caddy or Ford Connect ?

    Is that a SWB Caddy? The 2 litre? or a Maxi?
  14. Looking to downsize to a smaller van, like a Caddy or Connect? Can you get a bike easily into the SWB Versions of each, with wheel turned Will 2 bikes fit? I am plumping for a 2 litre Caddy, but the new Connect is hard to ignore as it's a lot cheaper Anybody got experience of either brands?
  15. 2016 "Demo" Montesa 260 vs 2018 Beta Evo 200

    Chalk and Cheese Not remotely similar