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  1. Just get it I saw James riding it this year and he just floated over the rocks I wouldn't be worried about buying an ex James Lampkin SSDT bike, but I would worry about buying an clubman rider's bike who had lost 300 marks in the SSDT and crashed into a lot of rocks
  2. Or even a good TYZ I am enjoying riding mine more than the 2004 new 315 I had, back in the day
  3. Good news
  4. Saw it on TC page on Facebook Next month's Tong British GP is in doubt because the promotors have withdrawn Talks are ongoing it is reported to resurrect it Shame if it gets dropped
  5. Couple of lads I know with them and they've done Wales ok, Even on my XR400 I try to avoid deep water, if at all possible I think if there is a deep river you can try an alternative route or just launch bank to bank in Bou style
  6. Thought you preferred Skye
  7. Yep had the very same, this week with my 4RT Sorn it in 2014 and kept the proof Phoned DVLA up and gave them the 2014 reference and they said it was an error on their part and there would be no penalty ....if I didn't have the proof I would have a fine for the last 3 years Sneaky
  8. Best looking T/S to me
  9. Beamish Suzuki because they just look the best and were part British
  10. They sure did - they do look like tanks compared to the 2T's in the sections
  11. Absorb the shock, when you hit the plate hard
  12. Cabby does everything for free Didn't you know ?
  13. Doug was stunning all week To post clean all week is some feat and then just 1 Dab on the last day It must be hard for the top 10 riders to see Doug recording zero's for 5 days and think how can I beat him, when they are riding the best they can He gave it so much, I saw him fall off out of the section, further up the hill on Monday he was so exhausted after getting the bike out of section clean Supreme effort to beat youngsters half his age
  14. Looks like Doug has won his 11th SSDT, with one mark dropped on 180 sections Very well done and top job from the Trials legend
  15. I can vouch for both those claims, Witch's Burn was thronged today Cracking Trials spectacle and has to be the event of any trials fans year