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  1. I use both, belt and braces bearing in mind the price of 'em
  2. Which gear were you using, same as your old GG? Maybe a different approach on a 300?
  3. Or 4-5 just to make sure
  4. Out of sight then, covered box trailer or van to and from events/practice Open trailers or bike racks are too visible
  5. Sounds likely, *******s
  6. People go round in circles modding old bikes and can't remember if they were better or worse than before..............but justify it to themselves, saying it must be......... because the mod cost them £500
  7. Aye....... the one I had new in 1985 had to have a 'carb mod' to it
  8. Sorry to hear that, will keep my eyes peeled Were your bikes 'watched' to know they were there, followed home etc ?
  9. Up here in Yorkshire I see a fair few riders, going gloveless all day at a Trial Do you wear gloves and not bother ever Do you get better control, going gloveless??
  10. Gloves now on both hands, maybe he dropped one in the earlier picture and just rode on
  11. Agreed, why do we? My Repsol is bone stock, just the carbon stuff Got me there
  12. Glove on left hand, but not throttle hand............never knew that The tinkerers today would have a field day with that bike, footpegs too high & too narrow (steel too, how much extra weight) Top yoke clamps too far back and they'd straighten up the clamps, drum brakes - you'd have to fit a front disc (a la Pinky). Maybe tubeless rear rim too as those tubed tyres will never win you a Trial Lights too, they'd have to go, as you'd never win a Trial today..... with all that extra weight of a speedo and lights My oh my, how we have tinkered with old bikes in 2017, doubt they're any better nowadays... than the bike Scarlett won that Trial on
  13. Still considering a '17 260 Repsol...........especially as they come with a twin map PTB Do they still have Showa forks on the '17 Repsol?
  14. I really can't believe I am reading this ?
  15. You see very few adult riders in Yorkshire & North East wearing affects their 'honed' riding skills