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  1. Ha You'll get shot
  2. Probably about right
  3. Section severity is the main issue for a lot of Clubman - post 50 They simply do not want to risk an injury which may take a while to recover from Look at Yorks Classic - I do not think they are short of numbers Additionally entries at £15 add up, when you want to ride 2 or more trials per week, when it was £10 it seemed more reasonable
  4. No comments? So everyone prefers arena type 'outdoor' sections on a small venue?
  5. Build it and they will come !
  6. This year's event
  7. If the MTB world can put up such a world class event in Swaledale, why can't Trials - for our home GP? I don't see a shortage of access, for artics and the associated Trial GP Circus Show the rest of the world, how good our 'natural' terrain and a bit of rain is
  8. Maybe
  9. One thing I agree with you on
  10. I have a XR400R and the power delivery from my 4RT is totally different The XR will grip for England, thumper, plonk style............whereas the 4RT doesn't It needs more commitment to ride the 4RT well Personally I get better results on a 20 year old TYZ
  11. You will either sell it within 2 months or keep it forever
  12. Riding as slow as they can and the flash lads usually get beaten by an old bloke in his 60's wearing overalls on a bike that is 15 years old and held together with gaffa tape !
  13. In what way, do you know how it works? Did the REV 4T have problems starting?
  14. Why do they have it and not a normal gravity fed fuel tap? What does it do different and how does it work? As far as I know it doesn't have a fuel pump and is just a normal carbed bike
  15. Deal has finished now, it was back in Spring