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  1. You know where I am
  2. Yep i wouldn't ride a bike without one, so useful Got a Mitani one on the 4RT and it's fab - stable on any surface Modded my TYZ one so it's similar
  3. Lot of truth in that and still happens today
  4. I saw that earlier - poor Dougie At least he could laugh at himself All to play for today Fuji in lead on 5 Casales and Doug tied in 2nd, on 11 each (more clean rules) Hope Doug can turn up the wick on final day and finish 2nd to Fuji - Back to the HRC days
  5. Yet.....
  6. Glad you can logon to this thread
  7. Thanks, all great info He can read the thread (he can't log in to TC, but I'll get him to contact Andy to reset his username tonight) and will reply later It seemed to start with the bike (bought used, but hardly used) which had a PTB fitted and when fitted with the stock TB it resolved it but has now returned to being problematic Fuel pump seems to be worth a look
  8. He's checked the loom and earth, but will do it all again
  9. Got a mate, with a few problems with his bike and wondering if anyone can help me, to help him My Montesa 4RT will start but won't run. Once started it runs for only a couple of seconds then stops. It will re-start but same thing again. Bike has recently had a brand new stator, new throttle body and condenser. I've tried new plug, all connections etc. Anyone ever had this before or suggest what to check next. Thanks
  10. Aha, so it was you that bought it Put some pics up, as you go please
  11. I don't think you can without changing the type classification & having a vehicle inspection or applying for it to be a Kombi or camper (must have a bed/cooker) have a look at Kombi versions to see for sure or ask a dealer
  12. They are Mine is
  13. Looks fab, proper social trial - instead of rushing home at the end
  14. I use both, belt and braces bearing in mind the price of 'em
  15. Which gear were you using, same as your old GG? Maybe a different approach on a 300?