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  1. Have you got a video link?
  2. I think it's a bit of urban myth but I thought it surrounded home Belgian rider Roger De Coster and the Citadel circuit at Namur and not Carlqvist EDIT - corrected by posts below.
  3. Speedo is not needed for mot & not part of the test
  4. Banyeres in Spain H&D Racing in UK
  5. Yep that's the old way and do it with my TYZ every time I ride it
  6. Don't bother - they trap dirt and retain moisture Nobody uses them anymore
  7. Not an aircooled Mono, but I run my TYZ at 80:1 on Putoline MX5
  8. Supply & demand He has it You want it Not many left = Rarity
  9. Watched him yesterday on S13 lap 2 - a real snotty mud section an Bou fived at the mud bank, a real natural bit of the whole section, where as Fujigas got through the section for 1 (but Dibs/cabestany/busto did 5 it) and I think Gubian cleaned it Watching Bou, he was awesome on the man made stuff, but looked average on the ordinary stuff I wish he'd go to Reeth in October on a rainy day
  10. Hmmm I went yesterday for the first time and concur with you Some great riders - especially on 125's Venue - not great for me and I much prefer Reeth or Clachaig and that is a proper trial
  11. I use Castrol Power 1 10/40 Fully Synthetic and bought a load when Tesco miss priced it and it was £2 a litre I cleared the shelves, that day
  12. Yep - Time for the ACU to take it back to basics - Brit style !!! I haven't been to a GP Trial for years I live 40 miles from Tong and now with my ACU card can get in free on Sunday - helluva incentive But will I go? Not sure iF if was at Raydale Farm Marsett, like the 1983 round I'd be up there like a shot and not even care about paying
  13. And me
  14. Yeah, I heard that Free admission for ACU licence holders? Best £10 to the ACU you'll ever spend Can't believe it's true, is it??
  15. Any 5's for a stop would be controversial though Great opportunity for those wanting to do it though