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  1. Yep, what a ride by Dibs
  2. I don't disagree When I got my new TY250R Mono in 1985, the world had moved on and twinshocks were lame, in comaprison Fast forward to now and I much prefer modern bikes, however I do have a soft spot for my TYZ - power is usable, suspension is ok and the brakes (with a 4pot AJP) are good I did ride a very good Fantic 240 the other week and it was far from stock and original, much modified - it rode very well...........but was still heavy
  3. Just got one, can you leave it on do the filter
  4. My 4RT is first kick every time - hot or cold..........weird
  5. That's hardly a chore though, unlike taking the 4RT sump guard off, which can be a PITA to get back on again
  6. I agree, it is a flipping palaver
  7. 70:1 should be fine with modern fully synthetic 2T oils Trials bike don't work as hard as KTM's at 40:1 You are over oiling that bike
  8. Never, I'm mixing at 70:1 on fully synthetic 2T on my TYZ
  9. I have the Couriers and they work fine for me
  10. Mintex?
  11. I saw Dan Thorpe on a Beta Evo at Motorcycle Live , this week
  12. One of my bikes is 10 years old and the other is 20 years old, both fine and miles better than me
  13. Get a 4RT
  14. Cleared out my messages now
  15. Have you got a link to the chap who sorts it?