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  1. 315r or rev 3

    Are trials bikes sales slowing down? No shortage of buyers for older bikes, like twinshocks...........it seems to me Why is it slow?
  2. Decent trials tyre

    4Ride uses a Morad tubeless rim on the rear Only Repsol and 300RR use the DID rear rims, now On the 250's all were DID
  3. New 2018 Beta 2T 250 Clutch Oil - Elf HTX740 ?

    Whatever clutch plates Honda put in the bike in 2007 when it was new, never had any bother using Elf 740 and clutch works fine in 4RT - why change the plates? Never had them out in 10 years+ My 4RT runs like a swiss watch, shame yours doesn't
  4. Good evening During this hot weather at a Trial, the clutch is sticking/dragging a bit and hard to find neutral, at sections New bike - 3 trials use only Thinking of changing the oil How about using super expensive Elf HTX740, as I use in my 4RT clutch, will this make it drag less and improve things?
  5. WOW- What a bike !!

    Yep - watching the same section at SSDT- you see the 4rt riders (experienced ones) getting hung up on stuff and drop into holes that all the 2t riders make short work of Watch 100 riders through a section and see which bikes drop less marks It ain't most 4rt riders in my observations Great bikes - but more riders at 2t mounted
  6. WOW- What a bike !!

    So, you've found the 4RT's achilles heel...............harder to find grip in wet or muddy conditions
  7. WOW- What a bike !!

    Do you have much rain in Boise? In uk with wet and slimy, moss covered rocks that may be a different proposition on a 4T
  8. WOW- What a bike !!

    Before you ooze too much, only top lad on one is Toby Martyn and he's done very well to make the 2t to 4t switch Watching most 4RT's this week @ SSDT, it's plain to see they are donkeys (even in some very capable hands) in relation to most of the 2t's ridden by ordinary riders and they spin out very easily on mixed terrain and then it's game over and you're pushing it out of the section They suit a very aggressive riding style Try a Beta 4T, you may like it better
  9. Recomendations Bashplate Cota 260 RT 2017

    My 5mm Mitani was less than £180 delivered from Spain
  10. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    Try again, deleted some messages to free up space
  11. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    Which dealer was best?
  12. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    I shall try one, only had a brief ride on a stock 260
  13. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    It is I saw many out at Sunday's Trial Some lads were flying up banks, on them...making it look easy.................whilst other riders on the same bikes were sliding backwards on 4RT's
  14. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

  15. The bike was 'of its time' Comparable with other similar bikes, none of them had the steering lock that modern bikes have now, that is probably the main difference between then and now Cue the renaissance of the TY Pinky and all the 21st Centurymods being done to them - frame mods/fancy trick programmable ignitions/carb mods/pipe mods - all to a bike that weighs 89kg dry weight according to to Yamaha Yet in 1984........the Yam TY Mono was a total revolution for Trials