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  1. drill the rim of the bolt + the bikes frame & use a lock wire.
  2. Does nobody have a favorite section or is it just the spelling of the groups that's stopping folk posting? My favorite was Coire Dubh, I liked it so much I called one of my dogs Dubh.
  3. Good job entries closed before the Ross noble show came out, all that sun on show & there would have been 1000
  4. I've ridden both in ssdt. If I could wind back time & do another ssdt I'd ride a gasser as my first choice, second choice & even my 753rd choice.
  5. I heard Dabster tried weighing his Italjet but it broke the scales.
  6. I'd be more concerned that the ****ing thing will get you to where you want to go & back again without breaking down.
  7. There was some in the club that wanted to put on a WR, I can remember a recce being done as to what could be used around Richmond itself. There were others that thought why put all that time, effort & money into an event for a few that might not even show up. It's certainly one of the reasons that the 3 Day came into being. I've long thought that the Fremington Edge area would make a WR venue, might even have got to use this, the photo flattens it considerably.
  8. Funny but I was on the moor last Saturday talking to someone who's done a few miles marking Trials out. We were discussing the route taken by the ArdRock, I'd be fairly certain one of their stages was in an Ancient Monument, it was certainly in a SSSI, I doubt they've been made to jump through the hoops that locally organised Motorcycle Trials has. Not knocking what they're doing as it's bringing tourists into the Dales but Trials has been persecuted almost to the point of extinction.
  9. Because he's injured.............
  10. Did any twinshock have brakes that worked?
  11. Looks tidy. I had one of these new in 1981, pulled my arms out & had the turning circle of a super tanker.
  12. Must be the 10 anniversary since he first tried to sell that thing
  13. Almost as rare as hens teeth in the UK but not best part of £3k rare.
  14. Not 100% correct as there's the re arranged Boxing Day Trial this weekend 29-01-17. 10.30 start at Copperthwaithe near Hurst.
  15. Rob Edwards, Scott Trial, Storthwaite Sections, Montesa 349, 1979 most likley.