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  1. Softer Dellorto carb spring?

    be easy, because you cannot superglue them back on!
  2. Sherco 290 front sprocket

    they fit a bit loose on the shaft
  3. Looking for info on a 2007 250

    light gear oil, or use atf for a quicker clutch
  4. Funny noise

    You are correct, that is funny!
  5. Would be the same as later years if you can find that. Not that it is not going to change with variables such as fuel and altitude/ air density(temp). 45/125 is pretty standard place to start with the Kiehin jets. needle somewhere near center groove or one notch down and airscrew between 0.5 and 1.5 turns out for best running.
  6. Best trials gear for bigger riders?

    standard enduro pants work fine, shirts too for that matter. spend on proper trials boots and gloves. helmets are mild to wild on the budjet, just depends on what fits the noggin well really.
  7. Montesa 315r rattle

    A larger pilot jet in the Carby can help or cure a throttle chop ping. Is this a Dellorto? What is current jetting?
  8. Some suspension advice please.

    Splatshop can service it and get a spring.
  9. Beta techno running backwards

    sheared woodruff key, need a flywheel puller now!
  10. Fan spins, but not fast ('17 txt 250) SOLVED

    Thanks Alexa!
  11. An awesome trials wedding!

    A little birdie said you went down to Tampa or something?
  12. big end woe

    What sort of play? They all move side to side, you know. Vertical play can be more difficult to check.
  13. 2011 st250 yellow wire testing

    I think you found the problem then, great job! Just goes to show you never know!
  14. Fork oil change. Best method?

    5W is the one, however you do it you will need to pump the air out of the damping cartridge in the right side fork and assure the fluid level is correctly measured on the Tech forks. no real easy way on them
  15. 2011 st250 yellow wire testing

    Well its just a coil of wire with m magnet passing ofer it. Check the resistance to chassis earth and engine earth, I do not have a spec for you, although Splatshop may, or Steve at motoplat uk. inspect for shorts to earth of the wireing to stator, you may well have to remove it anyway for a rewind if needed. is this a Hydria or Leonelli?