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  1. Never mind the stickie thread called Sherco Engine Torque Values
  2. Sweet!
  3. About 1 !!!!!
  4. Hell yea! Nothing better than a Fat Bottom Girl! They make the world go'round!
  5. Yea, well just wait till that one breaks and you lose the guard!
  6. It never ceases to amaze me how some of this information is derived.
  7. The doctor said I was old and out of shape ans suggested a aerobic program. I can do this!
  8. Man could I screw that thing up! Rained here today!
  9. Keenan, keep your RON and your R+M/2 methods straight!
  10. Do you understand the fact that higher octane fuel is more difficult to ignite and totally useless in a motor not designed for its use. You will wind up with more deposits than if you had just put regular pump gas! Use a fuel of the proper rating from a quality supplier that uses a good additive package for cleaning such as Shell or Chevron. Or I suppose you could just mix up a splash of Techron additive in the fuel cheaper fuels on occasion.
  11. I do not recall there being anything special about them other than a 5K resistor. Ebay here we come!
  12. Drill the hole small and press the shaft in!
  13. Do you really think any of these *******s are beyond doing something like that, specially Obummer/Clinton! The folks are soo hell bent on shoving their way of liberal communism up your ass that they just can't stop! Just look at their backers, Libtards, Homos, Trannys, Illegals andlegal aliens that may not like the country and want to change society for Islam. Go figure Oh, I forgot actually wanting to work for a living, god forbid any of them doing any manual labor! You know, the type stuff that builds something! Oh, F no, lets let someone else do that for pennies!
  14. I will admit that I was with Trump from the start. He may not be the smartest on the planet, yet at least he is not a professional politician and Lawyer that is trained to lie and deceive by blowing smoke up your ass! As Steveo laid out, there are some issues that need to be addressed, right or wrong, good or bad. Society is taking it in the rear currently. nd from what I hear the UK is not much different. Perhaps we need to send you a few Illegal Mexicans to support and with your Muslem immigrants too! Put the f'n queer ones in the ladies bathroom! Add, I don't need some hijab wearing bitch telling me she cannot take a proper pic for a drivers license for ID purposes. Nor special allowances for employment. F that! Just a start, I cannot type well enough to continue or I would be here for days.