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  1. the F and the G, eight digits back, A is 2000
  2. New to trails - 2004 Beta Rev3 replacement parts?

    try here https://www.americanbeta.com/
  3. Front brake wont lock on 2018 Sherco factory 300

    gotta use the galfer pads, run them in for a bit and heat cycle normally, then make about 3-4 high speed stops heating the front and pull out your water bottle to douse them good, should steam off a lot! do that a couple times then let cool and resume normal operation.
  4. clutch sticking

    look up that song " I have no roots!"
  5. Advice/thoughts on top end and clutch. 74 TY250A

    " deep down i feel to leave it alone even though i want to learn more....." Keep this up and you shall quickly learn why you were told not to fix things that are not broken!
  6. ran accross this

  7. SC 300 rattling noise?

    some rattle is just normal with no load on things
  8. Monday music on Weds!

  9. clutch sticking

    That oil should be fine. Does this sticking occur only after sitting? Does it operate normally after un-stuck?
  10. Expansion chamber cleanout?

    actually I believe that the majority of your issues may be resolved with cleaning the fire arrester screen ang repacking that. you could flush the muff with a solvent like gas or laquer thinner, then dry with a air feed. the fine screen on the SA is your choke point. those screens are regulation size you know.
  11. Expansion chamber cleanout?

    check out the WES silencers. alsp I myself would not cut the front pipe until first I seen how things go after getting the blocked rear cleaned or replaced. Also, I have long wondered why a good long soak in a Hot solvent tank at a local automotive machine shop would not work to cut the crud in the pipe. that is what that stuff does, but it is some nasty stuff!
  12. Spark arrester baffle?

    Google WES exhaust 😉
  13. Is this cylinder damage? TY 250 A

    and after all that you are going to ride the antique 20 miles out into the bush with no buddy and no cell service? here is your sign!