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  1. There is a such thing as welding. Pics please.
  2. I think Splatshop rebuilds them.
  3. I just needed some Sharon, pardon me.
  4. Good lad, you will be better off. Send them off together for proper match. You know where, correct?
  5. When the ignition is too late there is a lot of unburnt or still burning fuel going directly into the exhaust taking the heat with it.
  6. More dead brain cells--for Zippy
  7. We here need more football like this
  8. The standard flywheel from a 250 should work on it and add a couple pounds. Call Splatshop
  9. Surely there is a schizmatic for these things. Call Beta, whats his name, Lampkin or summat?
  10. love this!
  11. Yep, likely a stolen bike if someone did that to hide the Vin stamping which SHOULD be right under that plate.
  12. On frame
  13. Improve the rider.
  14. These do not fail oftes as I recall, but ring up Steve at Motoplat UK and give him your symptoms.