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  1. Gripper timing

    guys, retarding, or setting timing closer to tdc, will allow a motor to rev out higher and mitigates kick back on starting, yet there is a reduction in response at low revs yielding smoother power application.
  2. Applying decals

    as long as they lay flat and do not require heat to get them to comply with the tank then you just need a spray bottle with water and add a couple drops of Dawn soap I believe is the brand.I am sure you can verify on youtube, and this allows things to move until you squeegee them to get water out, then allow to dry a few days even, like window tint!
  3. ‘18 popping out of gear

    Yeah, there was once this old git that had nothing better to do that polish his clutch plates. Maybe this would make it pop out of gear Smoothly!
  4. Sherco hunting!

    now he is a sherco expert! wonder if he figured in the cost of power tools, holders and torque wrenches? whats he gonna seal with sealant?
  5. Keihin Jetting for 300.

    I do believe a lot of that is to accommodate pumpgas with ethanol as well, but still the high altitude size will follow as lineaway stated. one will find these jet sizes will apply to most all bikes with that carb, as the carb only knows how much air is going through it and not which bike it is on. mixture requirements are basically the same for all.
  6. ty250a ...do i need new fork springs?

    no issue here, all springs sag a little over time and them aint that bad
  7. $50 86 TRL 200

    The TY is a good trials bike. That Honda reflex is not good anyway.
  8. $50 86 TRL 200

    worth more for parts probably
  9. Monday music on Weds!

    worth a listen
  10. Painting Aluminium Cub Petrol Tank

    leave well enough alone!
  11. engine oil

    ATF will come closer if you just want to use something cheap. I would not use the 75-80.
  12. RL250 carb adjustment

    if it dies out after a couple min run time then insure proper fuel flow from tank and that it is vented properly.. there is a screen in the fuel petcock as well you know.
  13. Gearbox primary shaft bearing replacement

    sounds as though the other roller got between the primary gears and damaged them.
  14. Kehin Carb advice needed

    you can check the float level, but to some extent this is a normal limitation of a carburetor and simply requires some clearing revs to prevent stalling or perhaps a bit higher idle
  15. 315 fork clams / yokes

    many bikes have yoke offset of a couple degrees.