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  1. I cannot recall the exact numbers, but fast is like 1/2 turn to full open and the other is like 5/8 turn, so the latter progresses a bit less with a given amount of twist.
  2. I would think so. A coil don't have to do much anything but FIT.!
  3. you may want to check the preload on the rear springs and adjust them. Typically you would want about an inch of static sag with the bike standing under its own weight. Yet in your question, no there is not that much difference between the years although there are minor differences in geometry and shock length.
  4. Sounds like you may be running out of fuel. What year bike and what carb?
  5. A good year for that bike, yet it likely needs main bearings and seals by now.
  6. Geeze I am sorry man. I knew you were from up north, but after all the years I never knew you were a snowflake!
  7. Allways do this! Standard practice on these and others.
  8. As far as the OP goes, I think there is a possibility of a sheared flywheel keyway, but yet a greater possibility of a faulty stator plate with a dodgy trigger sens0or that is screwing up the ignition timing and throwing the system into a retard mode. Accounts for the suddenly boggy operation w/ hot restart. I seem to recall similar past reports, so keep that in mind. Bradford ignitions is a phone call away if needed.
  9. I would not run out to buy it just yet! I have tested it in the past and MY findings suggest it creates some hard stick carbon in the exhaust that is some nasty stuff!. And even more difficult to remove! As much as I like the smell, I just cannot use it!
  10. Don't be soo mean Zipperhead. I can make jokes about us old relics if I want to!
  11. I want longer nipples Too , soo sexy!
  12. Do you really think anyone has really done this to that 14 year old POS bike that still remembers? Most have died off by now! I think you would need a disc with bigger holes so the bolts just rattle like the rest of the bike!
  13. That is a quirky and twirky high strung bike. Not a good learner. Remenber that Cheap and Good are not parallel. There are other websites in the US and many will ship cheap. Where are YOU?
  14. Put it back together and run it on 80:1 full synthetic good oil and rev it out on occasion to get some heat into it.