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  1. you are such a good bitch, oni !
  2. it says 3.0 so it is a 300(actually 305 I believe) and yes, they were around then
  3. Call Adrian Lewis, he would know.
  4. I still love this---
  5. I'm lonely---
  6. aer ya sayin its me lard a***?
  7. try this!
  8. have you tried your beta dealer?
  9. Splatshop for Viton crank seals and factory sealed bearings. He may have an exchange cylinder already done. if you send it to langcourts you will neeed to send a new piston with it for match-up as these things need to be +-.005 mm for the most part.
  10. the bike should have some sag under its own weight. usually 20-30mm I would think. this may be reduced, however if there is none, then you have gone too far. does the bike have the rear link plates as from H#D racing? as many prefer them over stock for a quicker ride and feel.
  11. the factory crank seals may not last more than 2-3 years with alcohol induced fuels. get the good seals from splatshop.
  12. not recommended on that tank system that I am aware of. plastic or ali pop bottles in a backpack work well.
  13. where?
  14. OSh it, did he have a sex change operation aswell? poor lad